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Oh, the angst!

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In today's Izvestia, a hysterical article about the folks who are blazing the trail of the Green Revolution in America..

Bob Staab, 53, president of After the Barn, a company in Goshen, N.Y., that recycles barn wood into furniture, said: “My biggest waste would be burning fuel on my boat, a 34-foot Regal. I keep it on Long Island. My girlfriend and I were talking about a sailboat, I swear to God, but I can get to Block Island in four hours — sailing, it would take all day. Maybe one day we’ll go that route, but right now I really am enjoying the power.

Who needs to invest in alternative energy development and public transport? We've got a Prius!

But there's more! It gets better...

Jeffrey Hollender, 55, founder of Seventh Generation, a company that makes and sells nontoxic household products, says: “I buy too much stuff.” Mr. Hollender lives with his wife and three children in a 5,000-square-foot house in Charlotte, Vt. “A friend of mine challenged me to go for 30 days without buying anything new. I said, ‘That’s a great challenge, I’ll take you on. But I’m going to start next month, because the new MacBook Air is coming out.’

This is what we get when enviromental action is all about a consumer lifestyle, instead of public policy.

"Green"'s as thrilling to be a part of as "Hope"...and "Change".

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what is wrong with these people? And there are so many of them!

My hybrid-driving neighbors have a gardener who uses a gas-powered leaf blower (actually illegal here, but try getting anyone to do anything about it) for 6, 7, 8 hours a day -- seriously! He spends the better part of at least one day a week blowing dust and rat feces and who knows what into the already crappy air.

Finally, I put an article on the health and environmental dangers of leaf blowers in their mail box (along with a very nice note), highlighting this:

Operating a commercial leaf blower for one half hour produces the hydrocarbon equivalent of driving a new 1999-2000 light duty vehicle at 30 mph for more than 2 round trips between Denver and New York City. (California Environmental Protection Agency, 2000)

Nothing changed. Same gardener, same leaf blower going non-stop for hours. But they do hire a Prius "limo" to go to special events, so maybe that's supposed to make up for it.

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He should be grateful for having the work! Plus, they give him their aluminum and glass recyclables, as a bonus apparently. The generosity of the wealthy is just so inspiring!