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Oh? And where were you when?

Digby writes:

One of the things I find most annoying about the Obama team is its need to take premature victory laps and clumsily try to create a phony Rovian bandwagon effect. I've been writing about it since the campaign.

Really. How about during the campaign?

If WWTSBQ wasn't a premature victory lap by the loser of all the big states, the loser of the popular vote, but the winner in TX caucus fraud and the Rules and ByLaws Committee, then I don't know my premature victory laps.

Those who don't learn from history...

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Submitted by lizpolaris on

before the convention. Indeed, who the h could have predicted?

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Digby and a few others now suffer from this condition. Whereas I could point you to my objections to the O at the time, but I make it a practice not to link to the orange satan. I also predicted Kos' demise in rational thought. Oh well. It never helps to be Cassandra, as we have all seen in the MSM.

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Let me get the new timeline straight:

Obama critiques during the campaign: Bad, racist, Republican
Obama critiques after the campaign: Good, un-racist, "progressive"

Have I got the meme-ology correct? It's so hard to obey all the little rules.