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The official numbers on poverty are, of course, fake

Here's the interpretation to use. Especially relevant to the demographic cohort to whom "hope and change" appealed so much:

[T]he proportion of adults 25-34 living with their parents rose from 12.7% in 2008 to 13.4% in 2010. The poverty rate for these young adults was 8.5% when they were considered part of their parents’ household, but would have been 43% if they had been living on their own.

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while Clinton was president. That's quite a remarkable accomplishment for someone that Rachel Maddow referred to as the "best Republican president". I wonder what other Republican can say something similar. I wonder what Obama, her progressive champion, will be able to say when he's through.

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Submitted by Stephanie on some point under Obama's health care insurance reform, will be able to be covered under their parent's health care insurance plan, until the age of 26 or 27, I forget.

I also forget whether the offspring must be living with parent or not, or if that issue was ever even addressed.

Will the parents be able to claim those adult children as dependents on the parent's irs forms? I'm curious. Could never figure that out.

The parent must cover the adult offspring, if the offspring would otherwise not be covered by health insurance.

On the one hand, this seems like it might be a good thing, health insurance coverage.

But on the other hand, would a parent of 20 something, the parent being maybe 50'ish, hoping, wanting, trying, to plan and save for their retirement -- with the cat food commision promising to reduce Soc Secl, now that that offspring is grown, be able to pay for the extra coverage -- it would be a more costly "family" plan, paid by the employee, as opposed to the individual plan, with often has a company contributing to the cost?