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The offending "vagina passage"

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Anne Frank's diary contains references to icky girl parts!

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As documented above, the far right has had a plan in place for decades to control the reading matter in schools. Texas groups are in the lead, and, in fact, control the choice of textbooks across the country:
This stealth campaign has resulted in students being denied a liberal (in the truest sense of the word) education. Without authors like Howard Zinn the landscape would be even more stunted and sparse. ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL and it behooves every citizen to PAY ATTENTION to the machinations of school boards, zoning entities, city council decisions, etc. Democracy involves being ever vigilant, and pro-active. "Freedom isn't Free"

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I missed your comments!

I, too, am thinking of running for office, but I am leaning more towards the Full Court Press idea. (See three blogs by JeffRoby.) I don't know if I could ever cut it as a politician - I don't think I'm diplomatic enough. :-)

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Alan Grayson is going along swimmingly and we NEED people to speak truth to power, now is the time! I don't believe for one second I'll get elected, I just want to move the window! I think running as an Independent is the way to go, esp here in MI, no need for nominating conventions, etc. YOU have inspired me, and I'm in contact with Jeff Roby even as we speak. If you're serious, e-mail him, he's very approachable and enthusiatic.

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and so are both of you, sisterkenney and madamab, for even considering doing this. i figure a multi-pronged attack is in order, so i fully support the justice party, the full court press, and running as an independent, especially since we're still a nascent movement and need to take advantage of any opportunity that's avialable.

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So far as i can tell, the Justice Party principles that violet put together are the best. I don't think it matters all that much, at least for now, what venue you put them forward in.

Throw it against the wall and see if it sticks. Run it up the flagpole and see if anybody salutes.

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The Full Court Press points are deliberately narrow and specific, to pin down politicians and set up the case for running in a primaries against them. They will have to be updated regularly. For instance, if Obama really gets rid of DADT, the point will change accordingly.

The Justice Party principles are the principles of a party. As such they need to be general, allowing for changes in circumstance. If the FCP points were the principles of a party, they would run the risk of going the way of "free silver." The Populists, for instance, tied themselves to that and went from a mass party to zilch almost overnight.

There is an underlying issue here, the tension between working within the Democratic Party vs. building an independent party. The FCP does not want to have this fight at this time. I believe the key political alliance to be built is between progressive independents and the left wing of the Democratic Party.

Therefore, the FCP takes no position on the general election. I expect that some supporters will vote for the Democratic Party candidate, and others will vote 3rd party. Best wishes to both.

I hope to write more on this soon.

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Keep up your wonderful work, and keep propping up those of us who occasionally succumb to self-doubt.

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I posted a link to your blog at my place on Wednesday, and I got some very good feedback from my readers.

I agree with the multi-pronged approach. Let's do EVERYTHING we can. You never know what will work, especially when different things combine - there can be a wonderful alchemy that creates a hitherto unforeseeable, yet positive, end result.

And yes, in the face of cruelty and injustice I do tend to speak my mind. ;-)