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Off to the goddamned hardware store

By bus, taking hours, because my small town doesn't have a hardware store within walking distance, like it used to.

Sadly reinforcing either a car (odious) or Amazon (also odious). But I can't buy paint and screws and sandpaper or sink washers via Amazon. Oh, I probably could, but it sounds dumb.

Anyhow, my (ancient non-cell) phone does not work. I don't know if that's because I dropped it, or whether the wires under the house have corroded or been eaten by critters. Snarl.

Shouldn't take more than three or four hours, given the luck of the draw with the bus. Double snarl.

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what did we get? Is a fun thingy?

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The hardware store is near the end of the line, so I rushed in and rushed out to catch the bus on the way back, and succeeded, fortunately, so the trip only took two hours instead of, like, four.

And I got a cheesy Chinese made phone for $20 with no answering machine, which is OK, since I don't use the answering machine anyhow.

So dropping my phone is what caused it to fail, fortunately, so I don't have to go under the house and look at the wiring. So that's good news.

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That's great and cheap except the time involved. I was wondering what happen to the Hell Mouth?