If you have "no place to go," come here!

Off to take down that ceiling...

What could go wrong?

Ha ha ha...

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How did it go? Photos? I love ceiling debris

Submitted by lambert on

The real issue was the join between the walls and the ceiling, where I wanted a reasonably smooth cut to avoid repainting the walls or adding molding. In fact, the "stair tool" I used to hammer carpet into the tacks also worked great getting rid of the ceiling. Kinda like a chisel, but wider and no sharp edge. So the skilled guy is coming tomorrow to put the ceiling up and a new fan in, and then I'll paint it.

Yay! Meanwhile, the drip in my kitchen celing opened up again, so I'm going to have to open that ceiling too. Never rains...

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Submitted by katiebird on

What's above the ceiling?

I'll have to look up what a "stair tool" is -- sounds like it would make a good birthday present for someone.