If you have "no place to go," come here!

Off to paint!

The afternoon and soon-to-be evening sun is at just the right angle to illuminate the many, many remaining surfaces I have to paint.

And it's amazing how much easier it is to draw a straight line with a brush when I can see what I'm doing!

So thank you, readers, for the glasses. Back when I started this interminable project, I'd draw what looked like a straight line from two feet away, and then when I'd look close up, I would have made a scrawled mess. Ugh. Redo, double ugh!

And I like drawing lines when painting. It's Zen-like and rewards calm. I finally had to revert to tape, which is (a) expensive, (b) time consuming, and (c) doesn't produce all that great a line anyhow, because is an old house. The whole tape-and-peel methodology seems designed for tract houses built out of wallboard and foam where everything is level and true. But in this house, nothing is true and there are no straight lines to be had: Settling, horse-hair and plaster walls, caulk, weird materials juxtaposed... One must wield the brush to create the illusion of a straight line, and paradoxically illusions are hard when one cannot see.

Aux brushes and paint cans!

NOTE Tomorrow, I hope, the rug goes in. Yay!

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