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NOTE What's the right way to dispose of stuff like paint thinner, or whatever the heck the petroleum derivative is that I'm cleaning my Zinnser B-I-N-S brushes with?

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Most fire departments recycle and dispose of dangerous chemicals, and they are dangerous. If not Home Depot and Lowes do the same depending on state and local law. Hope this helps.

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If it isn't that much (and it doesn't sound like it is) then just set it out in the sun to let it evaporate.

When dry (important caveat), small quantities of paints and solvent residue can be disposed as regular trash.

Sometimes the solution to pollution actually is dilution.


Good night and good riddance!

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Thinner/solvent should be alcohol. Don't you know what you're huffing breathing?

Whatever is still good, cap and store, best outside but at least away from flames and sleeping areas. Whatever is contaminated can be left out to evaporate, or dig a shallow pit somewhere and pour it in the ground, then re-cover. The alcohol will be meaningless as a pollutant, especially in the ground where it will get eaten up by a wide variety of bacteria.

The white pigment is titanium dioxide, about as inert and harmless as it gets. The tints, if you added them, are almost 100% clay with some small % organic dye. Meaningless underground, if you evaporate then just toss the dried residue into your landfill trash.

If you want to get all Eco-manic, put it in a glass jar or an old paint can and take it to an authorized recycle center - But, unless you're on Shank's mare or have something more toxic to despose of at the same time, you may generate more pollution from making the trip than from letting it evaporate.

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dump it in your neighbor's yard one night.


where i live, the approved technique for small amounts is to use cat litter and newspaper in a plastic trash bag (some solvents will eat plastic, e.g.gasoline) then but that bag in another bag with more newspaper and put it in your garbage.

key idea is to keep the material within its "container" until it gets to the dump.

same with no-longer-needed gallons of paint.

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maybe take down the video on the right?

it's on the site in multiple places now, and there are better video clips if you want something positive of hers--the KY victory speech is excellent, for just one: