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Of course, Bush is resentful and angry

I mean, He's Preznit, so why shouldn't he get double the vacation days the rabble get? Of course, the best proof that Bush is resentful and angry is that his staffers say he isn't:

“It was a political calculation that his advisers persuaded him that he needed to [take only two weeks off instead of a month], and I think he knew it,” said one Republican with close ties to Mr. Bush, who would discuss internal White House decisions only if not quoted by name. He added, “I don’t think He is resentful or angry or anything; I think He is resigned to it.”

God, the "likeable guy" meme just won't die, will it?

Like Bush is so good at "being resigned" [as opposed to "being impeached," snicker].

Remember how Bush couldn't wait to blow town at the G8 summit?

Remember how Bush gets all cranky when he doesn't have his special pillow on Air Force One?

Of course he's resentful and angry....

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