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Oddly, or not, student protests in Rome, Milan, Venice, Padua, Pisa, Bolgna, Palermo...


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One of the advantages of being the oldest student geezer at my college is that it gives me the opportunity to hear the unvarnished truth from peers who are the same age as my grandchildren.

I hear them talk amongst themselves while we are waiting for class. I don't intend to eavesdrop but youth is rightly rash but wrongly possessed of the notion that everyone over 30 is brain dead in addition to being deaf.

The level of disaffection I hear every day is astonishing.

We've all had ex-pat dreams ranging between reviving the rue Delambre and migrating to Canada(1965 and 2000). But I've never experienced such a full-throated acclamation across the entire spectrum of college-age youth that living outside the US is more desirable than living inside it.

I suppose that if they were more globally attuned, they might come to believe that 'the grass is greener' is an age-old phenomenon. Perhaps it is also true that a few more years might convince them of one of the pearls of wisdom of
Michael Corleone.

"We're both part of the same hypocrisy, senator."