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Odd details on the Kenyan mall thing

First, it wasn't just any old Mall (meaning, it's highly unlikely the Bangor Mall, or the King of Prussia Mall, or Whatever Mall near you will be targeted, despite the desire of the terrorterrrorterror types to keep themselves funded by making you think so):

The Kenyan military's failure to dislodge the Westgate killers for five days has not inspired confidence among allies in their ability to safeguard other city hangouts frequented by foreign diplomats, security officials, tourists and business travelers alike, several U.S. officials said.

So, not to excuse (I'm an advocate of strategic non-violence) but to understand, I'd like to know a lot more about the "diplomats and security officials" (spies and mercs), as well as what the "business travellers" were up to. I'd also like to know about Africom in Kenya, as well as the Kenyan President's ICC trial for crimes against humanity (!).

But get this:

The slaughter of Kenyans and western shoppers in the upscale mall involved meticulous planning and clearly the pre-positioning of light machine guns, AK-type rifles and hand grenades, sources said. One Kenyan source said a retail space had been rented out for several months as a clothing shop to provide a place to stash the weapons in advance, so the attack cells could penetrate the mall without drawing attention.

Probably not going to happen in Mall of America, right? I mean, the gun shop is probably the anchor tenant. Kidding!

I haven't seen a list of the dead, but it seems impossible that the retail space could have served as a weapons depot and base of operations without any of the local Kenyan mall staff knowing up about. It would sure be interesting to find out if any of them were on the casualty list, or if they got any kind of heads-up.

UPDATE A useful link on Africom in general, with a handy map.