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October 6, Freedom Plaza, preview

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A week from tomorrow the Washington event begins; so I thought a preview was in order.

First things first, they have some serious musical talent lined up, including DC's own Head Roc. Clearly there will be a true festival atmosphere.

Stop the Machine, the formal name of the protest, has a steering committee consisting of experienced activists. For better or worse, this will be a more organized protest than Occupy Wall Street. I sincerely hope that Dr. Margaret Flowers will act as spokeswoman for the event, as a fresh faced pediatrician is exactly the image we need to project. This demonstration will have more health care workers and fewer Guy Fawkes masks.

There is an official statement, faq, and a host of other information on the web site. Those of you in technology should think of Occupy Wall Street as a camp and Stop the Machine as a formal conference.

A word about Freedom Plaza, it is around the corner from the National Press Building, there will be no excuse not to cover this event. The Plaza itself is not so large, 1000 demonstrators would swamp it. The steering committee has wisely asked people to sign a pledge to stay at the Plaza, rather than ask 20,000 people to show up. This will give them a reasonable way to estimate how many people will show up. I am sure that there are many like myself who do not intend to camp out but will be making frequent visits.

If you are planing to come you will want to be appropriately attired, whatever style you choose.

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I won't be able to make this one due to Medical appointments I can't afford to postpone. However, I'm sure the way Margaret and Kevin Zeese will run this will have a very big dose of bottom up and self-organization. Those two are about as committed as you can get. I had the feeling that Jane Hamsher was involved in this too. Any info on that DCB?

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to D.C. to cover the event. He's been reporting on the occupation in NYC. I think both occupations are important but would not like to see the NYC occupation diminished for it is truly bottom up and something not seen for a long time.

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Hi MM, The event can be covered by Margaret and Kevin very well, as well as DCB and others already in DC. I wonder about the wisdom of soliciting donations to bring Kevin. Our collective resources are limited.