If you have "no place to go," come here!

#OccupyPensacola has been given an eviction notice

The occupiers have been at city hall for several weeks, but now the mayor has officially asked them to leave, by 11pm, Friday night.

Their livestream channel (offline right at the moment) is here (or follow this link to view archived videos).

Watch live streaming video from occupypensacola at

Tonight's general assembly was brief (about 45 minutes) and well-conducted, at least as compared to their earliest ones. The discussion was mostly about how to deal with the upcoming eviction, with plans to discuss further, or perhaps hold a workshop, on how to get arrested and what their rights are.

Meanwhile the justification for this eviction, like the justification for so many of the other evictions we've seen, should sound familiar: ensure the public health, safety and welfare, and for the protection and maintenance of public areas. The anticipated aftermath sounds familiar too, with any occupiers' belongings left behind to be disposed of, and once the area is cleaned up, protesters can return and protest all they want, but they can't stay overnight.

So, we'll see if my city, clearly already following in the footsteps of other cities' eviction methods, also indulges in the same police brutality.

If you want to keep an eye on things, OccupyPensacola also has a website, a facebook page, and twitter stream.

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