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#OccupyBoston: Something Reuters forgot to mention


The rally was organized by Right to the City Alliance and follows demonstrations in Manhattan, known as #OccupyWallStreet, which began 13 days ago to protest the influence of Wall Street money on politics. A second Boston protest group, Occupy Boston, is scheduled to hold a rally at 6 p.m. at Dewey Square adjacent to the South Station train and bus terminal. Hundreds may camp on the square, said Nadeem Mazen, an Occupy Boston spokesman.

Something Reuters forgot to mention about the location:

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It's right in front of the Boston Fed.

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I believe #occupyphilly is going to happen soon too. Looks like they have a meeting scheduled for Tuesday right outside the Philadelphia Fed.

I will be there.

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begins tomorrow on mcphearson square, right on k street

i won't be able to get there until sunday