If you have "no place to go," come here!

Occupy Wall Street Wednesday

11 Ways to help. (Notice a lot of 'em are straight out of the "Rent party" zeitgeist.)

A new hashtag, #undergroundrailroad, for people seeking or offering places to crash.

NY Independent (cop focused).

Adbusters feed (look top right).

FDL live blog.

Personally, I don't mind the lack of mainstream coverage; our famously free press is making it crystal clear what side they're on. If 10 Tea Partiers line up at a Port-O-San, there's interviews with the people waiting, plus live audio of all the splashing and dumping coming from inside, and on national teebee, too. And if 700 Tea Partiers show up for anything, our famously free press has a collective orgasm. So the left organizes a genuine grassroots event, with no billionaire funding, and we get complete silence? I'd rather have their silence than their noise. (Although an Al Jazeera live cam would be nice.)

Rhizomic growth is key. Bold, persistent experimentation. For example.

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reminds me of the scene in Dr. Zhivago where the demonstrators parade by an exclusive private club and the Komarovsky character says "and they'll sing in tune after the revolution" to hilarious laughter among the clubsters.

the smug look of the face of the swells says it all.

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The Most Interesting Protester in the World

We meet Artie, a fascinating young traveler whose main reason for coming to the demonstration was for a safe place to sleep. He tells us he works a full time job and could afford housing if he wanted, but instead chooses to hitchhike, live inside his van and scavenge for food -- all so he can pay off his student loans more quickly. He spent the last two nights sleeping in Central Park and tells us stories from the road: How to pick the best spot in a park to sleep, what to do if a ride is giving you bad vibes, etc. We really like him.