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Occupy Wall Street, Sunday Afternoon

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Photo: Night Falls On Wall Street
This will be the last update today. Tomorrows updates will begin around noon, as nothing will be uploaded before then.

The Top 1% Controls Us All - Occupy Wall Street Inspirational Speech

Whose Streets Our Streets Chant - Occupy Wall Street

Sustainable Growth Cannot Last - Occupy Wall Street Inspirational Speech

Pro-Occupation, Anti-Consumerism - Occupy Wall Street Inspirational Speech

Expand the Movement - Occupy Wall Street Inspirational Speech

Russia Today reports on Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street on Flickr

Twitter reports:
Last night the Global Revolution there were 7,628 people, now there are 17,328, that's quite jump!
Cops are cooperating, NOT dispersing, keeping protesters safe, thx NYPD


IMPORTANT-Plz order 4 #OccupyWallStreet'ers tonight! Liberato's Pizza in in #NYC Phone: (212) 344-3464 Online: #sep17

A subsequent tweet tells us that $2,800 worth of pizza has come in from all over the world.

Lets see what Monday brings.

Further updates as the day progresses.

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RL kept me out of the loop, and you have done a wonderful job to get me up to date.