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Occupy Wall Street, Early Saturday

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From Adbusters, #OCCUPYWALLSTREET This Saturday:

This Saturday at Noon, let's escalate #OCCUPYWALLSTREET into a nationwide peaceful demand for economic justice.

Their messaging seems just right to me.

JuliaWilliams linked to this article by Nathan Schneider:

Meanwhile, quietly, a group of several hundred mainly young activists, artists and students started gathering as a "General Assembly" (GA) - a leaderless, consensus-based decision-making process. They met weekly in public parks, starting on August 2 and continuing until the occupation began, with the intention of building an organizational and tactical framework for the action. It grew out of New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts, which had recently held a three-week occupation near City Hall called "Bloombergville" to protest against austerity measures. They had learned a lot from that and were ready to try something bigger.

This is right in line with something we've been batting around here (starting with the best article ever) about how the nonviolent occupation movement is still in its infancy - and its participants/leaders are still getting their feet wet with organizing. Movements like we've seen elsewhere don't just appear no matter how suddenly they explode into national/global consciousness. It's a long and (usually) slow learning curve. This means the MSM blackout may not be so bad - folks can gain expertise and make their mistakes out of the unforgiving light of saturation coverage. And it drives those interested to alternative outlets - building them up. Win/win!

Facebook has a car pool page. Anyone tried it out?

@korgasm_ & @sabzbrach have started xo99percent ("We are the 99 percent and we love") which has free Wifi info, brief daily updates from the site and my favorite site name this year.

FuelNYC has become a great resource for pictures from the site, like this of the current General Assembly.
Current General Assembly

The fuelNYC photo page is here. Updated daily.

Amazing 9/11 first responder video:

Via @heykerrieannn.

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TarheelDem September 23rd, 2011 at 11:09 pm 440
In response to mzchief @ 420
In this political environment of massive institutional betrayal, process is pragmatic. Bottom-up democratic process is pragmatic. But to get beyond cliche thinking requires some mental shaking up. And some sense of empowerment. Direct actions are empowering if they are handled strategically. The General Assembly process is very practical for the sort of awakening and consensus that has to occur without the crutch of pre-formed solutions. The process of the group working together forms the movement that operates is a different way from previous movements.

Process is pragmatic. And this process is going to take a bit of time to sort through stuff before you have specific policy-type statements–although from the “one demands” and the working documents you can see what is being dumped into the process. And a significant event in the process is the execution of Troy Davis; that is going to have unexpected effects on the process and what happens to the movement that is being formed.

Kevin, I think your comment is on target. The FDR liberal impulse is to jump immediately into pre-formed, almost traditional, policies and to prematurely suck off the energy into electoral politics. As process, we (and they) should work the process and hold off on electoral commitments as long as we can. The political environment must be transformed so that people have a voice again before electoral politics can make sense. That environment is being driven by a commercial culture-creating machine that exploits culture and forces values and judgments. People have to finally say not to that cultural domination by the economic institutions before the political culture can recover. That is why OccupyWallStreet makes so much sense and has hit a nerve across the nation.

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As in:

The FDR liberal impulse is to jump immediately into pre-formed, almost traditional, policies and to prematurely suck off the energy into electoral politics.

Or: The role of the D party is decapititate all genuine left movements by co-opting or destroying their institutional independence. The short life and death of OFA is a classic case.

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danps, I have been feeling indescribably tired recently and just don't feel like posting. I only want to surf. Nothing serious, I just feel tired.