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Occupy the debates

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Stop the Machine

Occupy the Debates: The People's Dialogue," which seeks to demonstrate the disconnect between the presidential candidates of the two corporate parties and the people of the United States whom they are supposed to represent. Occupy Denver, the site of the first debate, has started to organize and we urge occupations throughout the country to join in. Among the activities being planned are canvassing the community to hear their views, teach-ins, truth-telling sessions, general assemblies and conferences to discuss issues of concern and possible solutions. If you want to join this effort, contact We can provide resources to assist you. We'll be announcing a new website soon -- watch for it.

Anyone from Colorado reading this? What do you think?

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I can't organize, but if that one is Occupied I will be there with bells on, if at all possible.

(P.S. Having recently viewed Faubourg 36, a very cute and moving [in the way that Ebert indicates] film, I was reminded that the Depression-era labor movement posted signs outside of workplaces undergoing a "strike" saying "Occupied so-and-so" - because they didn't just stirke. they occupied the place! Kind of like Argentina, only in Argentina the workers managed to keep the factories.)