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Parody of “Every Breath You Take” by The Police (Could it get more ironic?)

Every Breath We Take
by libbyliberal
(In memory of Eric Garner)

With every breath we take at every move you make,
every bod you break, every life you take,
we’ll be watching you.

All the blood you spill, every wanton kill,
every kid you grill, every cage you fill,
we’ll be watching you.

Oh, can’t you see how much you grieve
precious human beings --
black, brown, poor, unstable, young --
bearing malice through a gun?

Every sin you make, every claim you fake,
every dream you end, soul to death you send,
we’ll be watching you.

With every breath we take at every move you make,
every bod you break, every life you take,
we’ll be watching you.

All the blood you spill, every wanton kill,
every kid you grill, every cage you fill,
we’ll be watching you.

Oh, can’t you see how much you grieve
precious human beings --
black, brown, poor, unstable, young --
bearing malice through a gun?

Every sin you make, every claim you fake,
every dream you end, soul to death you send,
we’ll be watching you.

Allied love and righteousness will defeat evil. Which side are you on?
#RiseUpOctober. March against police terrorism October 24th in NYC.


Comment on Garner Case

Eric Garner was on an assembly line of victims of police terrorism. Going after him as ferociously as the police did was part of NYC police chief Bratton's "broken window" policing, where police go after petty crimes as intensely as major ones. Or, more accurately, police go looking hard for any kind of criminality of the poor and Black and Latino and working class -- over-kill literally and figuratively -- and leave the big corporate cronied fraudsters alone. Clinton, Bush, Obama playbook of cronied disaster capitalism.

What is extra special about Garner case is that the murder was video recorded and still no indictments were made. So much for monitoring cameras on police. The medical examiner declared Garner's death a homicide BUT the prosecutors forbade witnesses in front of the Grand Jury to use the term "chokehold" which one of the officers had used on Garner. Chokeholds have been "officially" banned by the NYPD, but the media and police even referred to the"chokehold" the killer cop had used as just that. The police went too far, and then the legal apparatus kept all the cops involved with this killing immune once again. In the last 10 years ("Thousands Dead, Few Prosecuted" - Washington Post, 4/12/15; "Police Killings Rise Slightly, Though Increased Focus May Suggest Otherwise" - New York Times, 4/30/15), there have been approximately 1000 killings a year of Americans, mostly black and Latino, by the police, and yet there have only been 60 indictments and 25 successful prosecutions of police officers. These stunning statistics and the flurry of anecdotal horror stories now surfacing indicate an epidemic of death squad type police generated violence within the US.


Comment on Obama's Betrayal Re Mass Incarceration

After being callous not just indifferent to the victims of mass incarceration for the entire time he has been in office, Obama now postures as a positive historical witness and agent of reform of prison injustice, tch-tching it and pretending his fingerprints aren't all over MASSIVE mass incarceration injustice.

Legacy time so a token 46 non-violent drug offenders have been recently released by a posturing magnanimous Obama.

However, Obama and Holder could have released thousands of non-violent crack cocaine offenders from federal prisons within the past few years. These people were imprisoned BEFORE the 2010 Fair Sentencing Act which reduced the insane double standard prosecution of crack vs. cocaine offenders. (Kimberley, Black Agenda Report). Obama, not wanting to spend political capital appearing soft on crime, refused to make the ruling retroactive. Always willing to play the gobsmacking hypocrite, Obama now is doing prison reform pr work. Impression management vs. the reality of thousands of devastated lives.

Why isn't Obama seriously held accountable for his merciless policies and mendacious, shameless and exploitive grandstanding? Now that public consciousness is finally being raised on the scope of racist-based mass incarceration and a colossal double-standardism between blacks, Latinos, youth, dissidents, journalists, the mentally unstable and the golden immune gated community of one percent corporate fraudsters..

Mainstream corporate media continues on, unwilling to deliver the truth, letting Obama skate along with amoral "truthiness." So many low-information, faux-progressives are too lazy, narcissistic, Stockholm-syndromed and/or naive to call out Obama and the corporate Dem party that is a patriarchy promoting racism and classism along with the Repub one to gobsmacking degrees.


Comment on Unaccountable Use of US Violence Domestically & Internationally

I honestly believe because of the lack of accountability and a militarized and macho group-think along with cronyism and a messaging from above there is a trigger-happy approach to apprehending what are considered the lower classes of our society. The Blacks, the Latinos, the youth, the dissidents, immigrants, etc.

As for rogue and trigger happy cops going too far, we are no longer talking a few rotten apples but veritable orchards!

Violence is deemed okay as a first response. Not just in severe situations but as a way of intimidating people and overusing lethal equipment that is handy and sophisticated. Like the J-SOC death squads in the ME. Breaking down doors in the middle of the night and terrorizing people. Might makes right according to our global military and might seems to make right here at home. A grotesque double standardism.

I feel very sorry for our troops and our police required to put themselves into harm's way. I think the foreign policy of corporate war-making is evil, evil, evil and our troops are used as cannon fodder. But also as mass murderers. Our troops were and are used as torturers. Our troops become physically and psychologically maimed from combat and other service scenarios. Some even become homicidal or suicidal from the horrors they are ambushed by and/or the horrors they are mandated to participate in. Even the drone operators are showing severe stress from the guilt.

The drug war and Bill Clinton's draconian three strikes policy have devastated a lot of lives here at home. Whites who use drugs escape the profiling and the arresting to an enormous degree compared to Blacks and Latinos.

There is what is now called a "high school to prison pipeline."

Corporations and their executives easily buy their way out of prosecution for serious white collar crimes due to corporate cronyism. One can handily escape jail if one is rich, the poorer one is the more time one gets. Our justice system sucks. If one is innocent but can't afford bail he or she has to endure the nightmare of being jailed. One has to deal with racism in the courts and the police departments. Often when one is innocent and doesn't make an easy-for-the-prosecution plea of guilt, then one has the proverbial book thrown at him or her and his or her time in jail if very likely convicted is extreme.

Our prisons are privatized more and more and they are a source of cheap labor. The US companies, especially military contractors, are outsourcing employment to prisoners as SLAVE laborers. No wonder the one percent and their pimped out pols want more and more lower income people in jail. Profits uber alles.

In 2012 two Black people, a man and a woman, in Cleveland while driving were chased and surrounded by 13 cops in their patrol cars and 137 rounds was pummeled into them and their car. They had done nothing except flee the police. They shouldn't have done that, but come on!!!! It reads like the death scene in Bonnie & Clyde! The last 15 rounds came from a "brave" police officer who jumped on the hood and shot at them 15 times through the windshield as if more bullets were required to "stop" them from fleeing. Apparently their car earlier on had backfired and that sound was mistaken for a gun. Because the two people had had a criminal history some of the police reps bragged about how good it was these two human beings were dead and the media echoed that. No responsibility and interest in accountability from the top on down. The only one to get indicted was the guy who leapt on the hood and shot those last 15 rounds.

A lot of the deaths happen due to racial profiling. In NYC we had the demoralizing "stop and frisk program." There is also the so-called "broken windows" policing of Police Chief Bratton. Forget about white collar criminality, but have the police focus on petty criminals and "nail 'em." I am not excusing petty crimes, but something is very wrong when income level determines prosecution.

"Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out." Used in the military. Ex-military newbie cops and others applying it at home?

Both sides will desensitize themselves and generalize and demonize the other. The police and their possible victims. But, like with the statistics of killings globally, the statistics of police killings in the US are gobsmacking. And for people to keep apologizing and excusing these kinds of statistics is very depressing, though not surprising.

No wonder 1.5 million Black and Latino men are warehoused in our prisons.


Comment on Over-Militarized Local Police Forces

We have all heard of the ruthless and terrifying practices of the US military in foreign countries. The wars of US imperialism are about increasing, maintaining and/or protecting the power and profit of the US financial oligarchy. Brutal and violent practices were and still are used against so-called “hostile forces”, that is, often hapless or outraged and violated, inconvenient to the oligarchs, innocent citizens such as those in Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya, and now Ukraine and Syria.

If you think such merciless practices are not coming to, or more accurately, not escalating in “any town” or “any city” USA, think again!

Zac Corrigan:

"The ACLU estimates that police SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams engage in between 70,000 and 80,000 “no-knock raids” each year—bursting into homes unannounced, often at night. This figure is up from 50,000 in 2005 and 3,000 in 1981."


"The police in America already kill an average of one to two people every day. Investigations regularly reveal excessive use of force, or gunning down unarmed victims as they flee."

Corrigan provides statistics from New York Times article revealing Pentagon “minimum” data that military weaponry, vehicles, etc. have been distributed to state and local police since 2006. Much of this LETHAL equipment has gone to “small city and county police departments.”

His listing:

93,763 machine guns

180,718 magazine cartridges

hundreds of silencers

unknown number of grenade launchers

533 planes and helicopters

432 MRAPs—9-foot high, 30-ton Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected armored vehicles with gun turrets. Corrigan reveals that last November Neenah, Wisconsin with population of 25,000 was given an MRAP. Ohio State University campus police received an MRAP. Such armored vehicles are worth $500,000 each. The basic vehicles are worth $200,000 each.

Walsh County, North Dakota population 11,000 was given 40 silencers.

Police forces in six states were given magazines that carry 100 rounds of M-16 ammunition. This allows officers “to fire continuously for three times longer than normal.”

Do you honestly not think there is a method to such MILITARIZING MADNESS


Comment on the Betrayal of Faux-Progressive NYC de Blasio

The NYPD is now getting an additional 1300 or so new police officers added to its ranks. It is part of Mayor Bill de Blasio's appeasement of pouting NYPD police officers and top brass who take shameless and easy offense for being called out on gratuitous violence against hapless citizens, even to the point of their deaths.

Of course, it is the American federal and local way to reward betrayal of American citizens, this time the recipients are the over-zealous and souped up militarized and shut down the right to assembly and shoot to kill NYC police force officers.

Bloomberg and the police used Gestapo tactics against NYC OWS protesters. There are lawsuits to prove it, just as when protests happened against the Republican Convention in NYC.

Dem Mayor Bill de Blasio campaigned against police abuse of authority re the Stop and Frisk policy especially. It sweetened his appeal considerably to many NYC voters.

Once again a supposed Dem progressive talks the talk of a stand up human being and caves immediately upon election and keeps on caving.

There is an insightful analysis of the present de Blasio cave-in by Evan Blake at wsws.

Blake points out that when de Blasio appointed “broken windows” strong arm policing William Bratton as his police commissioner it was as chilling to real progressives as when Obama brought in Summers, Geitner and Rubin upon election, after assuring citizens of hope and change re economic equality.

Demonstrators once again got roughed up and unduly arrested protesting the killing of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray as they did during the OWS protests. “Crackdowns” the police reactions have been called and strongly defended by both Bratton and de Blasio. So much for campaign sensibility for Bill deB.

De Blasio is doing public and political penance for expressing a little too much frustration with and sympathy over the death of Eric Garner and will keep jumping through hoops as penance. The police union threw a hissy fit, many of the rank and file publicly disrespected him and he ramped up the obsequiousness as a horror spread among the non-low-information NYC citizenry.

De Blasio had campaigned in the 2013 election as a police reformer, and last year made comments vaguely sympathetic to the demonstrations. But following the December 20 killing of two police officers by a mentally unstable man, which Bratton falsely portrayed as a “direct spinoff of this issue of these demonstrations,” de Blasio dropped his pretensions of sympathy for the victims of police violence.

In rapid succession, de Blasio called for an end to protests against police violence, green-lighted the formation of a 350-member paramilitary police unit specializing in “disorder control,” vowed that he would veto City Council legislation intended to make the use of chokeholds by the police illegal, and fully backed a $7.3 million addition to the city’s budget for 13,000 new bulletproof vests for the city’s cops.

De Blasio is not done doing penance clearly.

Obama and de Blasio and other Dem faux-progressives know how important it is to offer vague (Blake's word, above) rhetoric to support the constitutional rights of citizens, but they put their thumbs on the cronied side of the scale favoring agents of "officialdom" (or of course the ever-immune corporate one percenters) every time.

The proud, defensive (and politically and legally protected by government nationally and locally) NYPD is being taken care of, e.g. getting away with literal murder.

Move along, folks, police reform not serious here. Eric Garner’s killer not even charged by a Grand Jury in which witnesses were told by prosecutors not to ever use the expression “chokehold” and they obeyed.

Reform in NYPD police behavior? I’m thinking not really. Not so much. Just more cops coming on board to continue on with police-state-ism and double standardism in the justice system. Lives are cheap when they belong to the poor and/or the black and brown.

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Thanks, DC! Mass rally being called against police terrorism in NYC October 25th!

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Apparently, the elite think they have good reason to be afraid. Is this a case of the guilty flee where no-one pursues, or a chase of the herder knowing their animals better than the animals know themselves? (And yes, that's how they think of us.)