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Occupy Park City (UT)

Park Record, with most excellent headline:

Occupy Wall Street, in brazen act, storms into Wells Fargo lobby

The group numbered less than a dozen. They mobilized outside the bank minutes before they entered the building. Organizers had publicized their plans to demonstrate outside the bank beforehand, and police officers and reporters arrived at the Kearns Boulevard-Bonanza Drive prior to the demonstrators appearing.

They carried signs into the bank emblazoned with messages like 'W.F.=Tax Cheat.' The group massed in the middle of the lobby and began dancing and singing. They chanted the message 'We are the 99 percent,' a popular phrase with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

They loudly listed grievances with Wells Fargo, claiming the bank uses unethical business practices and dodges paying taxes. [all of which have the great merit of being true]

At least two police officers entered the bank at about the same. Bank workers indicated they wanted the demonstrators removed. The police ordered the group out. The demonstrators left when told. A police officer who responded said the bank called 911 when the demonstrators entered.

Outside the bank, at the busy intersection of Kearns Boulevard, Bonanza Drive and Monitor Drive, many drivers honked while the Occupy Wall Street figures continued the protest. One of the demonstrators put yellow caution tape around the perimeter of the bank. ...

Rick Ryan, a police captain at the scene, said nobody was arrested. The police issued a ticket on a charge of littering to the demonstrator who put up the caution tape. The man was released at the scene. Ryan did not immediately have the man's name or age. The captain said he was told the man is from outside of Utah.

Drivers honking in support is the key data point.

Rhizomic growth.

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