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Occupy Midsummer: Global Festivals for the Universal Living Wage

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We, the 99%, demand a world beyond Wall Street. We demand a system where everyone can not only survive, but flourish.

To reach this world, we are raising our voices to demand a universal living wage.

We call on all occupies, unions, community organizations, immigrants rights groups, student bodies, religious organizations, environmental groups, anti-poverty activists, and everyone to join us June 20th, 2012 for a new holiday for the 99%: A Global Festival for the Universal Living Wage.

In only eight months, Occupy Wall Street has succeeded in putting income inequality back at the center of popular and political discourse. Next, we will end it. This June 20th — Midsummer in the northern hemisphere and Mid-winter in the southern hemisphere — we will begin a campaign to ensure the 99% never again lose our homes or worry about feeding our families and communities because of the greed of the 1%. We will not stop until we win.

Midsummer is traditionally a day to celebrate abundance. Let´s celebrate our abundance of love, joy, and solidarity by proclaiming a new holiday for the 99%. Let’s eat, drink, sing, and dance on the future grave of austerity. Let´s show that a world without austerity and scarcity is not only possible, but already in the works. What better way to celebrate the passing away of the old regime of death and disorder than by joining together in festival to demand the living wage?

On the longest day of our year, the 99% will shine our brightest. We Can´t Live On Change — We Demand A Living Wage!

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