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Occupy Atlanta takes on foreclosures

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Occupy Atlanta comes to Snellville to stop foreclosure

"This family is the perfect example of the fraud going on in the mortgage and banking industries," said Latron Price, one of Occupy Atlanta's organizers. "We plan to shed light on the foreclosure issue and we look to make a stand here."

I don't know how this is going to play out; but I hope to see more of this.

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Submitted by Kurt on

Along the same lines, it seems to me that Occupiers should occupy some for-profit primary-care medical facilities -- especially occupiers who are in need of primary health care services.

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Maybe some of the "Mad as Hell Doctors" or single payer advocates could do that....

I don't think it makes sense to bring the clinics to a halt; rather, it makes sense to make them work as they should, for whom they should work (which is not the health insurance parasites).

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Here it is:

Tim Franzen, one of Occupy Atlanta's organizers, said the group had been seeking a good story to highlight the problems with the mortgage industry. He said Rorey's husband, a law enforcement officer with DeKalb County, sent Occupy Atlanta an e-mail detailing their plight last week and within a few hours they formulated a plan to bring attention to the foreclosure.

"What I envision is a model of >strike>protest [occupation] coming out of this," Franzen said. "We plan to develop an occupy community in this neighborhood and maybe create something that can be duplicated nationally."

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