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An observation

I live in a deeply red part of a purple state, heavily populated with warmongers and jesus freaks, just the kinds of people who are 'against' socialized medicine.

But of my friends and neighbors who have actual experience of medical care outside this country, it's the very, very conservative ones who admire, and want, the fully-socialized medicine of Sweden and England and the military. The liberals here all like the national health insurance / private practice models of France and Canada.

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i no longer remember the conversations [they've happened over the past year or two as i've talked to people], and while i know the stories behind each person's/family's situation, i've never liked the idea of appropriating other people's stories.

this was actually a realization that just dawned on me earlier today as i was reading stuff in the blogosphere. i've got some thoughts on why the different people have the different preferences they do, but i'm letting those percolate to see if my interpretations still make sense tomorrow.