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Obrador: Count all the votes

A nice, sharp message. [But see UPDATE, below.] Unlike Florida 2000. And at least in Mexico 2006, they don't have Ho Lieberman going on TV conceding votes to the Republicans--while not insisting that all the votes be counted! Obrador:

Lopez Obrador claims a manual recount would confirm that hundreds of thousands of votes for him remain uncounted, miscounted or voided. The law allows such a recount only for specific polling places where credible evidence of irregularities exist. The leftist's supporters say that applies to at least 50,000 of the approximately 130,000 polling places.

50,000, eh?

Well, we know of at least two. the votes found in the trash dump (thanks for the translation, CD) and this little paragraph from the World's Greatest Newspaper (not!). Way, way down in the story, at paragraph 26:

Juan Huerta, 55, who works at a newsstand near a luxury department store, said he thought that the election was riddled with fraud. Mr. Huerta said he tried to cast a ballot for Mr. López Obrador, but was told that rain had soaked all the ballots. "This is a fraud against the people," he said.

"Rain had soaked all the ballots"... I love it!

What I can't understand is why Obrador's opponent, Calderon, doesn't want all the ballots counted, too. After all, what could legitimize him more than a fair count?

NOTE What a slap in the face of Democracy for Bush to call with Calderon with a congratulatory message. The Mexican election isn't officialy over until the results are certified, and that hasn't happened yet. Nor has Obrador conceded.

Could it be that Bush feels his own legitimacy is called into question if Obrador's charges of fraud get an open hearing?

UPDATE Ack, I'm wrong. This is what comes from not being able to read Spanish (CD, help!) NarcoNews:

López Obrador’s campaign is, in fact, seeking a recount of only those precincts where it found indications of fraud: a lot of them: 43,000, more or less. This extrapolation – if those precincts are counted vote-by-vote – would give his candidacy a victory of 243,000 votes.

This concerns me. It's the exact same strategy that Gore followed in Florida, challenging only in certain precincts. That failed, and when it did, there was no basis to challenge the entire vote (which would have given Gore the victory). I hope history doesn't repeat itself here.

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