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Obrador: Count all the votes

Sound familiar? What could the problem with counting the votes possibly be? Even if the wingers have already declared victory, and their cry has been taken up by the press. Hmmm... LA Times:

[Lopez Obrador's] PRD officials say they have ample evidence of irregularities. In many instances, they said, vote totals at precincts in Calderon strongholds, such as the central state of Guanajuato, exceeded the number of ballots delivered to those precincts.

The election was monitored by hundreds of international observers, many of whom lauded the apparent orderliness of Sunday's vote. Some, however, did note irregularities during the official count of polling station reports that began Wednesday.

The tribunal has until September to validate the results of the election. Until it does, Calderon's victory has no legal standing.

Even so, Calderon received congratulations from several world leaders.

Maybe Mexican democracy will turn out to be healthie than ours...

Then again, ChoicePoint did do their voter rolls, so maybe they're already ratfucked. Or rat-hacked, as the case may be.

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