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Obomney is right

‘Even Jimmy Carter’ Would Have Ordered Bin Laden Killed

The Presznit as first person shooter is, alas, a role for which both Robama and Obomney are eminently suited. I mean, they're running the empire, right?

However, you have to give credit to the Team Obama for ordering the hit on OBL because it would make a great campaign theme. That's your test of leadership right there.

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Uncle Clarence Thomas's picture
Submitted by Uncle Clarence ... on

Too bad no one had the guts to follow the law and common sense and capture him alive.

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Submitted by Alice X on

And the US militaries' rules of engagement.

Then CIA Director Panetta, just after the assassination, that is what it was, admitted that bin Laden was unarmed and according to the rules of engagement, should have been captured.

Captured and tried in a court of law. But of course, until before 9/11, bin Laden was listed as a CIA asset. We couldn't have one of those in a court of law, now could we?