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Obama's rump Ds: Stupid and/or evil?

A majority of the remaining declared Ds support the latest war. Nobody else does.

Of course, it's their guy's war.

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Submitted by jawbone on

the Democrats' choices to play follow the leader. Lemmings, it turns out, do not follow the leading lemmings over cliffs; this was a fraud perpetrated by Disney in a so-called documentary. Now, sometimes, during periods of overpopulation, lemmings strike out for new terriitory and may underestimate the size of a lake they think they can swim across and many may drown. We do not have an overpopulation of DC Dems, and if there's any territorial aspect to things it's that the Dems are trying to get into the Land of Big Bidness Donations, which the R's claim as their own.

Now, are DC Dems (and those elsewhere) mindlessly following their Pied Piper, Obama, into wars and political/econmic actions which go against not only their voters' interests but, indeed, their own self interest in getting re-elected? Are they mesmerized by Obama, or just unable to appear disloyal? Just as the Pied Piper cleared out a town of its children, Obama seems well on his way to achieve clearing out the Dems from the Village of DC/Versailles. Well, his "leadership" and actions may well cause the voters to disappear Dems from DC.