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Obama's policies are working!

After an Off Year, Wall Street Pay Is Bouncing Back. Yay!

The banksters get a pony LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Submitted by Damon on

“I just haven’t seen huge changes in the way people are talking about compensation,” said Sandy Gross, managing partner of Pinetum Partners, a financial recruiting firm. “Wall Street is being realistic. You have to retain your human capital.”

If that ain't the quote of this short year, thus far, I don't know what is. Didn't you hear? Wall Street reality is the best kind of reality, there is. Wall Street Realism is little more than Real-World Impressionalism.

The government's only real mission was to make sure that the wall seperating NYSE from Main Street wasn't breached by the rightfully angry hoards on the other side of it. Oh, yeah, and to maintain and defend the money funnel that opens to Main Street and ends on Wall Street.

Guess what? Mission Accomplished. Job well done, our good and faithful servants.

You're doing a heckuva' job, Timmie! I best tone down my sarcasm, though. I wouldn't want to end up in one of Treasury's gulags, since Timmie has a strong opinion on what is an isn't American enough and opinion or view.

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at least, we haven't given michigan to the canadians yet, so you're not saying in this in a foreign country.

and i just love that 'retaining human capital' line. offshoring 200,000 wall street jobs is just so last year.

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Obama succeeded in keeping the oligarch alive and well, make tax payers contribute even more to oligarch so the tax payers are even poorer than before and, above all, guaranteed that the next financial collapse will come about 10 years after the recovery starts (if ever).

The human capital are all those rich hooligans who don't understand risk, but Obama made sure that their gambling will always be profitable.

One envies the Chinese who solve human capital problems like that by executions.