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Obama's nominee to head "Justice's" National Security Division avoids email and prefers to talk on the phone

Gosh, why would that be? Obama's nominee is John Carlin, and critics view him as a White House operative, instead of an independent voice:

Two individuals drew comparisons to John Yoo, the controversial Justice Department attorney in the George W. Bush administration, who was known to have his own relationships with White House officials and was seen as operating outside channels meant to guard against political influence.

"It shouldn't be that way," said a former government official who doesn't support Carlin's nomination. "There should be some walls between the Justice Department and the White House. The White House should not have a direct feed."

Yeah, because that would make the Obama administration uncomfortable like the Bush administration. Seriously, these guys are surprised? But it gets better:

The concerns about Carlin's independence run deeper than that, however. Two former officials, citing conversations with current Justice Department employees, said that Carlin is avoiding taking documented positions before his Senate confirmation hearing. Instead, Carlin has requested that colleagues not copy him on emails about sensitive policy issues. Many of Carlin's communications are taking place by phone, former officials said. A date for a confirmation hearing hasn't been set.

Didn't Scooter Libby take much the same approach?

But several career prosecutors who know and have worked with Carlin say he does not have a firm enough grasp of national security and surveillance law, which is particularly important when approving applications for surveillance warrants in terrorism and espionage cases. Carlin has spent the bulk of his career on computer crime and intellectual property cases, and in prosecuting homicide, sexual offenses, and public corruption, according to his official resume.

Silly people. Look at TPP. To Obama and his owners, "computer crime and intellectual property" are National Security. Don't these people understand that the whole "terrorism and espionage" schtick is just a self-licking ice cream cone to fund the really important stuff?

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