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Obama's Iran agreement

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It is a good agreement and Congress needs to support the President. There are so many special interests. AIPAC is just one of the opponents. The Saudi's don't want it because they have a religious cold war with Iran that they want us to fight. Also, the ending of sanctions against Iran will bring their oil on to the market, which will press oil prices down. The Saudi's don't want that, and neither does the shale oil and fracking market. The Koch brothers don't want it.

The only forces supporting this agreement are the American and Iranian people. So we really need to support the President on this one.

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I have an almost Pavlovian negative reaction to the words "we must support the President" on whatever the issue of the day is. I think that this is one of those rare instances in which I do not find myself looking for something to throw at the offending screen. I find the President loathsome, as per usual, but he does need to be supported in this effort.

An article came out a couple of weeks ago that really had the effect of giving a view from thirty thousand feet perspective on events for me that one seldom sees. As with the three blind men trying to describe an elephant, all of the major points were already known, but the total picture was rather startling seen in one place.

I believe all of this harping on nuclear weaponry kind of tiresome when one already knows who gave the tech to them and what other deplorable actors are being protected by the very same fear mongers; creating our own problems seems to have been a hallmark of American governance at this point. But some trends are more serious than others, and O may just have stumbled upon one that he cannot find a way to bullshit his way around.

Which makes for a nice change.

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Reading the following is all I need to know about that blog:

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