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Obama's Ds to unemployed: Go die!

Another kick in the teeth to the useless eaters. Dave Johnson, in the entirety:

House Dems killed COBRA subsidies for the long-term unemployed -- generally older people -- last week, which means they won't be able to get health insurance.

This group — comprising generally older workers — has pulled up the average length of time that a current worker has been unemployed to a record high of 33 weeks as of April. The percentage of unemployed people who have been looking for jobs for more than six months is at 45.9 percent, the highest in at least six decades.

Think ahead to what this means for the recently-passed health care "reform." If you think there are "subsidies" to help people afford the insurance they are ordered to purchase from the giant insurance corporations, just remember how Democrats treated workers who can't find jobs.

But... But... The career "progressives" told us there would be subsidies! They said the reform would be incrementally improved! They even said they really, really supported single payer, and that HCR might lead to it! And ponies!

Say it isn't so, Dave! Say it isn't so!

UPDATE And then there's this.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

stupid, lazy old unemployed just aren't trying to find a job and this will spur them on to get off their asses and get working. House Dems aren't being mean - they're just sending tough love.

And why should lazy, old, stupid people who won't try and find a job get subsidized for health insurance by us hard working true Americans? I mean, really?

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Submitted by MoveThatBus on

The health insurance companies have discriminated against the aging workers for decades with higher premiums. In larger companies, it doesn't have a great impact, but in smaller ones, it is a financial hardship.

I work in a small company where the boss generously believes in employer-provided health insurance. There are only 3 of us. (Boss is 35 with wife and 2 kids on his policy, employees are both single aged 45 and 60) The 60 year old was there for 10 months when the premiums came up for renewal...the premiums for everyone went up 50% because of it. So, you can see how the extremely poor excuse for reform by this congress and administration has actually made it a necessity for smaller companies to consider the age of the people they employ.

I'm also in an industry that sees some of the additional fall-out. Age discrimination law suits are up 50% right now because of this. Employers may have to weigh the higher health insurance costs against the liability insurance costs and negative exposure from these suits.

I sure wish the baby boomers would gather and protest once again in their lives :)

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Submitted by a little night ... on

I sure wish the baby boomers would gather and protest once again in their lives :)

Heh. But seriously, it's not just up to us baby boomers (and I, for one, have been protesting like crazy, but without anyone much to get together with).

But I would just like to point out that the big demonstrations of the 60s and 70s were multigenerational things. Good heavens, MLKJr was not a baby boomer! and there were always lots in his generation who attended civil rights and then antiwar demos.

(Perhaps what distinguishes those my age is that we grew up in a time permeated with public demonstrations. But isn't wasn't just us, or sometimes even us, who were demonstrating.)

The Gray Panthers are, more and more, my model of activism.

Submitted by lambert on

I think the protests will come. But organically. It's not like they're aren't a lot of people thinking the same way.

And I don't think (pace jeffroby) that it's so much a matter of leadership, as it is a matter of institutional betrayal. Complete and utter institutional betrayal. Single payer was and is the litmus test -- and the personal, policy, and above all moral betrayal by every single non-marginal "left" organization is complete.

It's important that protests be NV (see under Thailand for the sad example) and intergenerational (see under Argentina for the happy one). Twenty somethings and the grannies.

Where's that cat food video?

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Submitted by MoveThatBus on

When the unregulated health insurance bill is going to create more and more age discrimination.

I'm the 60 year old in my story. Thank gawd the boss is my son-in-law and I'm safe from layoff after what I just did to his expenses.

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The Iraq war shows the clear limitations of NV protest -- the oligarchy just sent in their cops and did what they wanted to do anyway.

For them to care, the machine has to be stopped. While I am not advocating anything illegal, I don't think anything will change without general strikes and monkeywrenching as well.

Submitted by jawbone on

for small employers' health insurance. Who could ever have imagined such a thing would happen after the passage of the Obama/Heritage insurance reform plan? Gee...

Worth clicking over to for the comments. First by b begins with this great line:

Try this one for size: We let them die over here so that we can kill them over there.