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Obama's ConJob Commission members list in FDL post by Dakine01 --name suggestions?

Obama's "job creation" commission is chaired and staffed predominantly by experts in how to off-shore jobs, two labor reps, an academic. By Dakine01's quick check it is

...out of the twenty-three members there are two labor reps, six financial services reps (including Immelt), two media, three “technology,” eight variants on consumer/traditional industries/travel/realty, one academic, and one legal.

Commenter Alternate ID @ 11:28AM, 2/25, contributes the catchy name ConJob Commission. Fitting, as "Con" as in "con man" and "con job" or as in "conservative."

Tonograd adds, @ xx , 2/26:

To paraphrase Chomsky, a better name for this wrecking crew would be Obama’s Profit Commission. (My emphasis)

Which reality-based name will stick and best describe Obama's jobs commission? Suggestions?

Captjjyossarian @ 12:19PM, 2/25, contributes this telling comment about economist Laura D'Andrea Tyson, a Bill Clinton adviser now named by the Big O to his ConJob Commissoion, and her interaction with James Goldsmith back in 1993. Note Goldsmith's predictions.

As far as I can tell, Laura Tyson looks like yet another neoliberal economic hitman.

Back in 1993, James Goldsmith warned Laura D’Andrea Tyson on the Charlie Rose show that if they went forward with the WTO/GATT agreements that the major corporations would move jobs off shore in a heartbeat. She said the opposite would happen, that more jobs would be created with WTO/GATT.

After spending her Clinton years peddling the WTO/GATT agreement, she was given a spot on the board of directors of Morgan Stanley, AT&T Inc, Eastman Kodak. To me this looks like rewards for lies well sold to the public.

James Goldsmith, who was largely correct, also said that WTO/GATT would destroy our society and that it would remain destroyed until wages in the West went down to Asian wage rates. (My emphasis)