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Obama's challenger in 2012

Jesse Jackson, 1988 Democratic National Convention Address, 19 July 1988, Omni Coliseum, Atlanta GA

Listen, and weep.

NOTE Hat tip, Hipparchia.

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And if you will not / cannot contest an election in your own neighborhood, what makes you think somebody riding in to run for prez is gonna help you? the problem with the whole conversation, as I've heard it, about primarying Obama is that so many of the folks having it have never primaried anybody on a small scale, so they have no idea what it involves.

Oh. And Jesse is tired. He made his choice way back in the 80s during and after his own presidential run, as to whether he wanted to build an insurgent political movement, or whether he wanted his ticket punched as a Democratic party insider. He chose the latter, and everybody was sent home after election day, just like every other campaign.

So that moment has passed.