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Obama's bus tour should be called "The Under the Bus Tour"

Just saying.


NOTE Hat tip, VoterMom.

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>>>>> [p. 34] As the years passed we [i.e., Dick Armey and Citizens for a Sound Economy] shifted tactics again to focus on organizing "boots on the ground," putting real people in front of political decision-makers. This proved instrumental in stopping the Clinton administration's attempted health care takeover. CSE organized protesters at every stop of First Lady Hillary Clinton's "Health Care Express," a national bus tour designed to galvanize support for the legislation. Instead of the adoring crowds she expected, Mrs. Clinton was greeted by hundreds of citizens opposed to her plan. We even followed her entourage with a truck towing an old broken-down bus. On the side was spray-painted THIS IS GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTH CARE.

According to Washington Post columnist David Broder, "Nothing better displayed both the muscle and tactical planning of the opponents [of Clinton's health care plan] than the crushing of this forlorn bus caravan that summer. It was the crowning success of...the conservative political interest group, Citizens for a Sound Economy."<<<<<

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As an aside, a comment made at Common Dreams' post by Dean Baker referring to the tour: "it's like Jeffrey Dahmer promoting the vegan lifestyle"...

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Worth a look.

My favorite line is at the end, after this picture:

"Mr Obama is good only when he has to be, and today felt more like a practice run than anything else.

Neither inspirational nor angry enough, he needs something fresher - and to find another mode of transport than the battle bus from Mordor."

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We don't need Republicans anymore. We have Obama and his supporters marginalizing liberalism.

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Wouldn't it be nice, seein' as how they have the bus right there, if he would throw Timmy G. under it? He could claim that the shitty economy was all Timmy's idea.