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"Obama's Big Lie"

Abigail Field:

President Obama’s reelection campaign hinges on a big lie. Obama claims that Romney represents the 1% and Obama represents everybody else. But the key part of that claim is a lie: Yes, Romney represents the 1%, but so does Obama. His policy choices on housing and banking make that clear.


I just hope the legacy parties don't go overboard whipping up the enthusiasm.

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Submitted by Seth on

... to understand the big difference between the parties.

Romney's base is the top 0.1% (10^-3)
Obama's base is the top 1.0% (10^-2)

See? That's a whole notch on a log scale!

Of course they put on different "light shows" to entertain the rest of us. Very different market segments among the hoi polloi. Lil' bit country, lil' bit rock-n-roll, etc.

Submitted by chadwick newsome on

What can it mean to say there are no differenes between these two? Romney is what he is and makes no bones about it. Obama is a cynical liar who despises the people he is trying to fool. So there's that.

Submitted by jawbone on

permission from the Mormon leadership to say whatever has to be said to get votes. I recently read about his confabs during his MA senatorial and gubernatorial runs: He would fly out to Utah to meet privately with the leadership and get OKs on which lies he could use. No electronic, taped, or paper trails.

But do I recall where I read that? Nooo! Drat. So now I have to find the source -- seems to me it was reporters out of Boston.... Anyone?

Anyway, he can lie freely as he has special dispensation from his church.

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Submitted by Rangoon78 on

Just like the evil Bill Clinton, garnering "Clintonian speaking fees"

Reality intrudes:

Clinton’s speaker fee highest in Speaker Series history - Albany Student Press Blog - University at Albany - - Albany NY

“The event was a smashing success,” said Joe Bonilla, programming director for SA and the on-stage moderator at the event. “Overall, it was probably the best Speaker Series yet.” the entire amoun went to the non-profit Clinton Foundation.