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Obama's base fractures, as big D donors "take their ball and go home"

Reading between the lines at Izvestia, it looks like the D's 2008 coalition* -- the upper 10%, 1%, and 0.1% -- is fracturing, as three factions are no longer giving:

  1. Policy-oriented donors, like Soros
  2. Donors who want the Ds to take advantage of Citizens United MR SUBLIMINAL And a more Orwellian name than that I've never heard and not criticize it, or, implicitly, them, and
  3. The hedgies and banksters who formed Obama's original base of support, but who now seek anger outlet, because Obama didn't suck up to them sufficiently, after "standing between them and the pitchforks."**

So, it looks like the Ds really want to punch the big donors for their "inexcusable" "apathy" and "whining."

But punching the rich is always off the table, so the Ds punch the hippies instead. Well done, all!

NOTE * The "small donors" schtick was always just that, a schtick, though that hasn't prevented Obama from continuing to lie about it.

NOTE ** Which Obama did, very successfully, by neutering the left.

NOTE Also, and interestingly, "Look! Over there! Sarah Palin!" isn't working for these donors. It may be that they feel that they've got theirs, so why worry. It may be that they feel the Ds can't deal with the problem, if it is a problem. Or perhaps they think that the demographics behind the tea partiers aren't strong enough for a takeover, despite the backing of one ruling class faction, the Koch Brothers. That is certainly one interpretation of Munger's outburst, as jawbone points out.

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Republican Highway because the kids in the back so loudly demanded a non-nutritive bite of fauxgressive junk food. Mom and Dad Corporate Overlord agreed it was for the best, in order to minimize complaining on the rest of the trip, and besides no rightwing agendas were harmed in the process.

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Take two strategy, saying "Look! Over there! Sarah Palin!" slower and louder.

Repeat until D election losses are firmly cemented...

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Obama's base fractures, as big D donors "take their ball and go home"

Looks like this could leave Obama without any balls.