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Obama/Media Ukraine Propaganda War--Lying Akin to WMD Whopper

Glen Ford in “Hillary and Other Assorted Barbarians at Russia’s Gate”:

When John Kerry praises the “brave Ukrainians” that “took to the streets to stand against tyranny and demand democracy,” he makes common cause with the direct political heirs of the Ukrainian Waffen SS units and concentration camp guards that eagerly joined Hitler’s genocidal rampage in the mid-20th century. The Ukrainian fascists, who command 40 percent of the electorate in some western regions of the country, return the compliment, hoisting the Confederate flag in Kiev’s city hall. They see, correctly, that the epicenter of their ideology is not Berlin, but Washington.

Margaret Kimberley in “Freedom Rider: “Journalists” Follow Obama on Ukraine”:

The corporate media are a key component of the U.S. imperial machine. Although styling themselves as watchdogs, they are in fact the dogs of war, whose mission is to hide Washington’s aggressions behind a fog of lies. War “crimes are committed with impunity in part because presidents get a helping hand from their corporate media partners.”


It is not too harsh to point out that the propaganda and lies spread by networks and newspapers are part of an enormous crime. America is the evil doer in Iraq and Haiti and Libya and Venezuela and Ukraine. Nations are invaded and economies are ruined because our government is determined to have its way in the world. The crimes are committed with impunity in part because presidents get a helping hand from their corporate media partners.

Trying to research and communicate the realpolitik behind the Ukraine coup is extra challenging because the US media is not committing its usual sin of real news omission, but has reached strident and obscene levels of disinformation by pouring out the sociopathic-level lying of President Obama and his cabal. The “smoke and mirrors” metaphor seems pathetically inadequate to describe this level of state propaganda. Better to compare it to those noise cannons that were used on OWS protesters during Bloomberg’s media-minimized Gestapo moments in NYC in the Fall of 2011.

It is both utterly frightening and heartbreakingly discouraging to witness the Obama administration as well as the mainstream media propaganda machines denying any western responsibility for the regime change -- the coup establishing a fascist junta -- in the Ukraine at the end of February, 2014, and for the profoundly undeserved demonization of Putin and Russia. We are talking ends-justify-whatever amoral and violent means necessary gangsterism at all levels pulled off by the US and its allies -- AGAIN!!!!

It is also both utterly frightening and heartbreakingly discouraging to witness the continuing blind trust and/or disinterest of too many of our “good German” citizenry after so much war criminality on the part of our government under BOTH Bush and Obama.

This latest Ukraine mendacity is akin to the Iraq weapons of mass destruction lie of the Bush regime.

This latest complicated, widespread and yet clumsily incompetent war criminality with the Ukraine seems particularly obscene and craven. It is all going on under the pathetic, deliberately betraying, corporate-controlled mainstream media broadcast radar.

As in Syria, with our government and its allies covertly and cravenly -- and ongoingly and increasingly -- relying on the savagery of Al Qaeda-linked militias to try to achieve hegemonic regime change and consequently enabling a bloodbath nightmare for the innocent people there, the US government and NATO co-conspirators used Ukrainian neo-Nazi and ultra-national thugs as well as their own foreign operatives to perpetrate the ousting of a legitimately elected, though admittedly corrupt, president whose sin in the eyes of the US and its gangster syndicate cronies was not that he was anti-democratic as a leader but that he had the nerve to reject a toxic, client-state strait-jacketing economic deal offered by the European Union. That he was willing to negotiate a generous, no strings attached loan deal with Russia for the welfare of the citizens of the Ukraine. That he was willing to presume self-determination on behalf of his country. Ironically, it was his actually doing the right thing for his people for once or maybe he made the decision simply with an eye on his chances in the upcoming 2015 election that brought about his demise as president by sinister external and internal forces. He escaped to Russia fearing for his life. Foreign leaders who too easily make it to the US administration shit list certainly are justified in fearing for their mortal lives.

My working title for this blog was “Obama/Media Lipstick the Ukraine Regime Change Nazism Pig” but I realized they are not just lipsticking the pig, they have completely hidden it from view. There is a painful, ear-spliting symphony of irrational, mendacious accusations at RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA now. The demonization chapter of the regime changing playbook. Multi-tasking regime changing, mind you. The accusations at Putin and Russia remind me of the chilling scene in Arthur Miller's brilliant "Crucible" play, when reality-bearers were suddenly and dramatically accused by the manipulative sociopathic liars feigning victimhood of being witches to be prosecuted and hanged. The Obama administration and media are playing hardball. They are playing the “look over there” game of distraction and projection of blame focusing on Putin and Russia. With all the US and NATO craven abuse of the “responsibility to protect” entitlement, Putin seems finally to have applied that sensibility with appropriateness. Naturally in this Orwellian, post-morality world he is being vilified for it by the REAL global terrorists!

Again, what the US administration and media is doing is projecting US/allies' crimes of regime change onto Russia. The new Ukrainian government is not a legitimate one. Hearing Obama and his cabinet people pop off about constitutional nationhood boundaries and international law doesn’t begin to pass the laugh test because of this. Or should not pass it. The democratically elected president was overthrown by armed mobs of fascists and neo-Nazis enabled by the U.S. and its NATO allies.


The new illegitimate government installed in the Ukraine now has a strong neo-Nazi, fascistic membership. But that was and is all part of the ends-justify-the-means, war-mongering hegemonic agenda of a craven United States government along with its allied mafia. Again, the lusting for global dominance Obama administration gave dangerous political cover and empowerment to neo-Nazism and that critical and craven choice was something it was sociopathically more than willing to do, and hang the consequences to innocent peoples in the Ukraine now and to far more human beings within and without the Ukraine in the future. Just as enabling Al-Qaeda in Syria was a "pragmatic" choice. Just as enabling "death squads" of its own people or convenient foreign extremists and/or mercenaries has been a "pragmatic" a/k/a "evil" choice throughout the long and destructive US foreign policy history.

Glen Ford in “Obama’s war against civilization” summarizes very powerfully and effectively Obama’s New World Order agenda:

President Obama’s contribution to the disintegration of the global order is awesome; he is a great innovator. Whereas other U.S. leaders were content to simply violate international law with regularity, Obama has rewritten the statutes. The very concept of national sovereignty has been discarded in favor of a kind of universal parole status overseen by a pyramidal “international community” with the United States at the top. National self-determination, the bedrock of international law – is now treated as a franchise, to be issued or withdrawn at the whim of any coalition the U.S. is able to assemble. For Haiti, a simple troika of the U.S., Canada and France constituted a quorum empowered to erase 200 years of independence. For Libya, the recognized government’s capital crime was its threat to quell a jihadist revolt in one of its cities. The Syrian state has been condemned for resisting tens of thousands of foreign-financed killers who recognize no earthly law whatsoever. The U.S. backs a coup against the lawfully elected government of Ukraine by the direct descendants of Nazis.

Simultaneously, Obama threatens the democratically elected government of Venezuela with dire consequences if it harms a hair on the head of rioters bankrolled and directed by Washington.

It is almost moot to accuse the Obama administration of interfering with the internal affairs of other nations, since this president does not recognize the elementary rights of nation states. National sovereignty has been replaced, in the Age of Obama, by an arbitrary “humanitarian” interventionist imperative that can only be exercised by the most powerful. This is not law, but its opposite: “anti-law,” promulgated by a decaying, outlaw empire.

If nations have no sovereign rights, then their inhabitants have no right to self-determination – which is the point of Obama’s imperial project. Washington’s bid to render all the world’s peoples subject to its “humanitarian” veto of their self-determinationist rights represents a devolution of civilization.

In liquidating the fundamental tenets of international law, Obama normalizes the most diabolical crimes: crimes against peace. He has redefined war, for U.S. purposes, as limited to conflicts in which Americans are killed in action. Thus, he told Congress in 2011, the massive bombing of Libya did not constitute a war, or even “hostilities,” since no Americans were killed.

No rules of sovereignty, no rules of war, no individual or national rights that a superpower is bound to respect. The United States, under Obama’s leadership, is building an infrastructure for fascism on a planetary scale.

Now you know why the U.S. is spying on all the peoples of the Earth: it’s trying to put our species on lockdown. That’s Obama’s mode of war.

The US and its merry band of fellow gangsters are building a global infrastructure of fascism so says an astute Ford. “Planetary” describes well the stunningly audacious scope of it!!!!

Please don’t bobble your head at the lies pouring out of your television set right now about the crisis in the Ukraine. Just take a memory walk down the last 25 years of US-instigated death and destruction.

The lying right now seems too gargantuan not to be believed, but hasn’t it consistently been so all along? Isn’t that what the liars bank on? A dimension of mendacity so gobsmackingly and insanely formidable it takes great intellectual and moral stamina to challenge it. Once again the US government treats its own people like fools and the rest of the planet like cannon fodder and cheap collateral damage for power and profiteering.

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My working title for this blog was “Obama/Media Lipstick the Ukraine Regime Change Nazism Pig” but I realized they are not just lipsticking the pig, they have completely hidden it from view.

The lying right now seems too gargantuan not to be believed

I do believe this is incorrect almost all of the so-called elected officails so- called demodogs and repugs are onboard. but not Main Street but give the so-called liberal press time they will make Edward blarneys and joseph Goebbels proud.