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ObamaCare Unaffordable and Care-Depriving: A Good Rundown

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By Karen Higgins, a registered nurse, via AlterNet, a clear outline of ObamaCare's ugly innards -- shift all costs to patients ("consumers"), aggresively restrict access to health care via various "incentives" (penalties), and, as has been discussed here before, green light insurance products that are prohibitively expensive to purchase and then, prohibitively expensive to use (the ultimate Lemons).

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link to AlterNet.

The quote

Others will lose their employer-sponsored coverage due to the ACA taxes on employers,

also reminds me of another potential 'scam' that the ACA may create.

I saw a blogger mention several weeks ago that the immigration bill would have a 'loophole' that big business has long wanted.

I had never even stopped to think about this scenario, truthfully.

(Again, lived in Latin America twice, moving their again--not in any way disparaging the folks seeking American citizenship. One can't blame them, at all.)

IOW, the Senate Judiciary Committee bill will give roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. a chance to become citizens. (A good thing!)

Immigrants who meet a series of conditions would be granted 'provisional legal status, allowing them to work in the country legally.'

And the Gang of Eight's (Senate) legislation would prevent those immigrants from receiving federal benefits for at least 10 years. The prohibition includes qualifying for Medicaid, and getting federal subsidies to purchase health insurance.

IOW--this category of folks are exempt from the ACA, etc., ENTIRELY!

So, now there's talk that a new 'scam' (sort of like the skinny plans) is being hatched by some employers--they will begin to hire only from the new pool of workers, in order to skirt the new ACA penalties, etc.

And what a way to 'gin up' anti-immigration sentiment on the right (especially), right before an election.

Have you seen anything about this?

I've only seen one article that touched on this a bit, and I failed to bookmark it. It was on a 'business new' website. I can't remember which website, much less the name of the article.

Great way to skirt corporate/employer responsibilities, huh?

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think about it, Wal-Mart is a corporation that would benefit from the newly legalized "bilingual" immigrants (and they could skirt the rules, too, LOL!).

Really, Wal-Mart could make a very decent argument that a customer service/retail business like theirs does have a need for Spanish-speaking employees.

Maybe this will prompt them to stop shifting their workers onto Medi-Cal.

Time will tell, I suppose.