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ObamaCare timeline

What a contraption. This:

A highly promoted program that provides a lifeline to people denied coverage because they already had medical problems has probably saved lives. But enrollment in the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan has been disappointing, with only about 50,000 people nationwide.

Glenn Nishimura, a consultant from Little Rock, Ark., checked it out and found his premiums would come to about $6,300 a year.

"It's out of my price range," said Nishimura. It makes more financial sense to take care of his high blood pressure and high blood sugars by paying out-of-pocket and gambling that his health will hold up, he reasons. In three years he'll be eligible for better coverage under Medicare.

Yep. That's what we've come to. Of course, a statistically certain number of gamblers will die, but that's OK: The health insurance companies are still collecting rent, the career "progressives" are stlll paid to produce agitprop, and Obama's put a checkbox on his list of "accomplishments." Fucking murderers.

NOTE That's the nice thing about single payer; no more gambling. After all, when you gamble, the house always wins, and who's "the house" here? Death, of course, with the health insurance companies and their "progressive" shills dealing the cards and stocking the "all the crap you can eat" buffet.

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Submitted by goldberry on

are $7200/year and I have no health issues. At all. I never get sick, have perfect blood pressure, low cholesterol, normal blood sugar and no other health risks. I don't smoke, drink moderately, don't engage in extreme sports. My EKG is normal. I recently got a term life policy at on of the best rates. I have zero pre-existing conditions. So, why the fuck am I paying $7200/year? Fuck if I know.
And when we figure in my kid's policy, it goes to $11000/year. Yep, and I'm on unemployment. Chew that one and tell me if it makes any damn sense.

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Submitted by illusionofjoy on

My severance package included health insurance at the same rate I was paying while I was employed for six months post-termination. It just ran out and I received a letter offering COBRA for $700/month (about nine times what I was paying before). My unemployment benefits won't cover that (unless I decide to stop paying rent and utilities) and I've been using my savings to cover phone and internet along with gasoline. While I'm unemployed the well is not going to refill any time soon, so I decided to go without health insurance - Obamacare mandate be damned and fingers crossed that I don't have an accident.

Truly, we are all fucked.

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Submitted by editor_u on

Yes, and if your unemployment insurance is as inadequate as mine, but still puts you above the poverty line, no doubt you won't qualify for the subsidy either. But I'm just guessing here.

I really don't know tne eligibility requirements yet.