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Obamacare is Son of HAMP: Only 3600 in pre-existing conditions "high risk" program have signed up

Via McClatchy. Of course, our elite will spin this as a marketing problem, and hire some "creative class" types so people can "check the website," but has anybody considered that "going naked" may be the choice of a rational actor?

After all, why would anybody trust a health care system that:

1. Leaves the insurance companies in control

2. Claims to regulate price, but doesn't regulate quality

3. Postpones any real solution 'til 2014?

And most importantly, if you have a pre-existing condition that you're managing, why in the name of sweet suffering Jeebus would you paint a big fat red target on your back by self-identifying yourself as a member of a "high risk" pool, when (a) the insurance companies will try to screw you out of care no matter what, after you've paid your high premium, and (b) the whole law might be abolished anyhow? Either way, you could end up worse off than before! No thanks.

NOTE If any Corrente readers are in the 3600, I'd love to hear from you. Prove me wrong!

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In the yeay! Healthcare! department -via Not Your Sweetie-

$90 copay on a $110 prescription
Up from $10 last month.

Remind me again which part of the Obama Healthcare Bill will fix this?

Is it the part where the government is prohibited from negotiating lower drug prices?

Is it the part where we can’t import cheaper drugs from Canada?

Is it the part where the drug companies get to hold monopolies for 12 years on their most expensive products?

Ah, those professional leftis dreaming of their Canadian plan! Look, here’s a Canadian now:

1. What the hell is a copay?!? It’s Good to be Canadian!

I actually had to use the dictionary to look it up…lol..
Wow, each point you made is crazy! Even when it goes into affect in 4 years none of those things iwll be resolved. Seems the best option is to either marry up with a Canadian or leave the country, or as the republicans say: “if you get sick…die quickly”.

Fluffers of course reply with a list of recently corrupt names

14. Bernie Sanders didn’t think it was that bad

nor did Russ Feingold,
nor did Alan Grayson,
nor did Dennis Kucinich.
But I guess they’re all corporate-owned huh?

and no one dares to say – yes, they are now.

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Premiums vary from plan to plan and are affected by applicants' ages, where they live and whether they smoke. For example, the monthly premium for a person age 45 to 54 who doesn't smoke ranges from $330 in Hawaii to $556 in Florida, according to HHS. A 50-year-old nonsmoker in Denver would pay $397 a month with a $2,500 deductible; a 40-year-old would pay $275 a month.

first off, why is there a difference by state? that's total crap. set a fucking price and spread it across the total population of people in it. meh, never mind. i'm trying to apply logic to this insanity.

and getting back to reality: how is someone making 15$/hr, supporting one or more kids, paying a car payment, rent/mortgage, and trying to buy food, and only getting 33/hrs week so their employer can avoiding treating them like "full time" workers, supposed to find an "extra" $3-500/mo for a health "care" plan, which also has an out of pocket deductible that for younger folks, exceeds the total costs of their health care needs?

arg. i'm in such a bad mood today. i'll shut up now.

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Exactly as Treasury officials now openly admit HAMP was designed to help banks, and not homeowners (exactly the opposite of how it was sold), so Obamacare was designed to help the insurance companies and not sick people. Yeah, I know you're as shocked as I am.

They really are just slashing and burning, aren't they?

It couldn't be more clear from HAMP. People's future good opinion of the Ds in particular and the government in general don't even enter the policy equation.

That is a very bad sign.

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want and need because they are indentured servants to the power and monied eliites. Without the largess of large donations from the Uberwealthy and Big Bidness, they cannot get elected. So, they make soothing and encouraging sounds to the general public to get their votes, but make their promises they actually implement to only to their patrons. They do so, as Obama did, in private or at private fundraisers. They "work for someone else."

Civil service laws at one time tried to do away with patronage from the political class bestowed in the form of government jobs; now, however, the political class is dependent on the patronage bestowed on them from the actual power actors, the Uberwealthy and Big Bidness.

We are so fucked.

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completion, national and state polls showed people wanted a single payer system like Medicare with percentages near 60% or above 60%. Republicans polled lower; independents polled very similarly to Democrats.

As we know so well, the Repubs only pay attention to polls which suit their objectives (hence, a poll showing growing numbers against the Park51 cultural center, the non-mosque, not at Ground Zero issue they currently lie about, is their gold standard in support of their wedge issue to inflame bigotry against Muslims; polls supporting single payer ignored); alas, cherry picking public opinion also seems to the Dems' new approach. Their voters want single payer? And their patrons want more ghuarantees of HCR (High Corporate Revenues)? Ignore the people's desires, ridicule and insult the supporters of such, and finally obfusacte with something referred to as Public Option. Dems in general, however, are not as ruthless or brazen about it; thus, not as good at lying to the public. Yet. Obama et al seem to be pretty good at it....

Right now, the pubic is desperately asking their leaders to give them some help in getting work, keeping a roof over their heads, and protecting their SocSec. Our Dems' reactions? Soothing words and essentially STFU and vote for them because the Repubs will be worse. And behind closed doors and at the Obama PetePeterson Cat Food Commission they do as their patrons demand.

They do not work for us. Bill Clinton seemed to have some remaining Democratic principles, thus felt he needed to make life better for the general population, and he did some good things to offset (or defuse) the Corporate tendencies. Obama has no such restraints, and under his administration we finally can see clearly how rapacious most Dem pols are, how bound to Big Money and Big Bidness.

OK, we who come to this site and others like it are seeing it more and more clearly -- when will most voters see it? Right now they realize there's no real help coming from Obama; thus his falling poll numbers. Are they beginning to see it's not coming from the Dem Congress Critters? Those approval numbers are very low but still higher than the Repubs'.

Where will they turn? There's no Huey Long, campaigning on making the economy better for them, but there are the Palin's making populist noises while actually planning on...who the hell really knows? Sharon Angle and Rand Paul and other Tea Pary favorites have given some of their intentions away, but are now being taught how to bamboozle better by their newly acquired Repub Party handlers.

I thought the Repubs had set a record for self-destruction; seems the Dems may beat them at that game. Sheesh.

As Lambert keeps saying, work for better pols but prepare for really hard times.

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are destroyed or rejected or made irrelevant, the people themselves are going to see more destruction of a whole host of things: jobs, retirement benefits, adequate/affordable/accesible health care, privacy, reproductive rights, infrastructure - the list is endless, and endlessly painful in its impact on the lives of real people.

I guess the question I would like an answer to is, why do the lives of so many people have to get so much worse just to ensure that the lives of a relative few do not? That's what's happening and it shows no signs of stopping.

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I read this:

This plan provides adult preventive care (paid at 100%, with no deductible) when you see an in-network doctor and your doctor indicates a preventive diagnosis. Included are annual physicals, influenza vaccinations, routine adult mammograms and cancer screenings. Certain lab tests as part of your preventive care visit are also covered at 100% when a preventive diagnosis is indicated.

For all other care, you will pay a $2,500 in-network/$3,000 out-of-network deductible before PCIP pays for your health care and prescriptions. After you have paid the deductible, you will pay 20% of covered medical costs in-network. The maximum you will pay out-of-pocket for covered services in a calendar year is $5,950 in-network/$7,000 out-of-network. There is no lifetime maximum or cap on the amount the plan pays for your care.


This plan is an HSA-qualified high-deductible health plan (HDHP). As an HDHP, this plan provides comprehensive coverage for high-cost medical events and a tax-advantaged way to help you build savings for future medical expenses. The plan gives you greater control over how you use your health care benefits. To take the most advantage of your HDHP, you may want to consider an optional health savings account (HSA), which can offer additional tax benefits and long-term, tax-free savings opportunities.

I looked up the premium in Louisiana (where I'm moving back) for me and it's $675/mo. I didn't see anything in the PCIP website that asked about smoking or anything. However, the PCIP plan is in the states that said "to hell with it, we'll let the Feds run their plan in our state. Some states have elected to run their own Pre-existing programs for residents.

I see the Fed plan is administered by GEHA (Govt. Employees Health Assoc.) which is one of the plans fed employees can pick so the fed employee plan had to go through some hoops and things to be okayed by OPM.

It's certainly not cheap, nor would any plan be for people with pre-existing conditions (like I have).

Because of my mom's recent passing, I'll have some money that I could use for this. If I get accepted in this plan, it crossed my mind to go see a doc and see if we can run up $2500 worth of bills to get the deductible met and have it over with! :bigsmile: Then too I've never used an HSA plan and know nothing about these health savings accounts. That would be something I'd have to check into.

However, this isn't something for the folks who are just getting by. They could never afford these costs.

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is to try to get two quotes from "regular" ins. companies that will probably say my issues of hypertension, high cholesterol, etc. won't be covered for a year. That's the waiting period for a pre-existing condition in Louisiana. Those "riders" should be the thing that lets me join this pcip plan.

I'm not looking to join this plan indefinitely. Since my mom passed - that was my primary job after resigning my fed job post Katrina (very long story involving going to the backup data center in Philly and the fact they would not even let me try to take off to find a cardiologist for her while up there) - I can try to get back into fed service. I was a career employee so I have reinstatement rights. Then I can just sign up for a regular fed plan. In fact, my scripts will probably be more expensive under this than what I pay now. For now I'm using Walgreens Prescription savings plan and am able to get my maintenance meds for very decent prices. The Walgreens thing is fairly decent and if you get meds on their list it's fairly priced. If the doc gives you something else though, look out!