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ObamaCare: Obama says ObamaCare is a "Republican idea"


“These are ideas that should have bipartisan support,” Obama said of his education priorities. “Of course, so should Obamacare, it’s actually a really good idea. It’s going to work. It used to be a Republican idea. There’s a governor of Massachusetts who set it up. It’s working well.”

So, can we please not have any more arguments about how different Democrats are from Republicans?

Thank you.

UPDATE The claim that ObamaCare was a Republican plan was controversial and provoked a good deal of high dudgeon among Obots when it was made by The Blog That Everybody Hates and Nobody reads, circa 2009-2010. And lo and behold, now it's conventional wisdom, part of the 11 dimensional chess game.

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Submitted by Notorious P.A.T. on

President Obama, earlier this year:

" Already, I’ve asked Congress to pass a good, bipartisan idea – one that was championed by Mitt Romney’s economic advisor – to give every homeowner the chance to refinance their mortgage and save thousands of dollars a year."

Yes, like you said, such difference between the two parties.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

I hadn't realized Obama credited Romney on this one too (PPACA I knew about).

So is Romney Obama's chief Consigliere and Eminence Grise? Is Romney pulling the strings on Nat. Sec. and War and Torture as well?

I shouldn't be having to ask these questions, I know, because WH is very transparent. But some of us are a bit dense.