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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Your access to health insurance is still random, depending on what state you live in

Modern Health Care, at the end of a long piece on ObamaCare's enrollment figures:

Just over half of the enrollments through state-based exchanges were California residents. Some state exchanges—Maryland, Massachusetts and Oregon, in particular—continue to be plagued by technological problems and remain far away from reaching enrollment goals.

So, if you believe -- as Obama and the administration purport to -- that "coverage" is a matter of life and death, since without it, you may be denied life-saving care, then citizens in Maryland, Massachusetts and Oregon are being sentenced to death, randomly, just because of the state they live in. It's appalling. It's vicisously unfair. And it shows so vividly how willing the Democratic and Republican nomenklaturas are to throw people under the bus as long as "I've got mine!"* This huge injustice, affecting millions of people, is of no concern to them. It's not even an issue.

And ya know? If a citizen of California can get a hangnail treated, and a citizen of Oregon -- just because they live in Oregon! -- can't, that's still an injustice the political class is completely silent on.

And this matters, if it's your view that the ObamaCare Marketplace ("the exhanges") is a template for neoliberals to gut other social insurance programs. What happens when goes belly-up at launch, and the Oregon state retirement marketplace is a complete #FAIL? Move along, people, move along, there's no story here? Just like now?

NOTE * Or, in the case of the Republicans "They don't have theirs!"

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