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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Will, ObamaCare's privatized "web broker entity," discriminate against Spanish-speaking citizens?

CMS mandates that a "Privacy Notice Statement" be displayed on the Exchange "web broker entity" site, so that "The Exchanged" citizens consumers can know what information the Feds are collecting about them and what can be done with it. Here is the relevant clause:


(2) Openness and Transparency. In keeping with the standards and implementation specifications used by the FFE, Non-Exchange Entities [i.e., web broker entities like] must ensure openness and transparency about policies, procedures, and technologies that directly affect Consumers, Applicants, Qualified Individuals, Enrollees, Qualified Employers, and Qualified Employees, and their PII [Personally Identifying Information].

a. Standard: Privacy Notice Statement. Prior to collecting PII, the Non-Exchange Entity must provide a notice that is prominently and conspicuously displayed on a public facing Web site, if applicable, or on the electronic and/or paper form the Non-Exchange Entity will use to gather and/or request PII.
i. Implementation Specifications.
1. The statement must be written in plain language and provided in a manner that is accessible and timely to people living with disabilities and with limited English proficiency.

So, there won't be a Spanish version? has a complete, parallel version in Spanish. Why isn't being held to the same standard?

FWIW, here's the rest of it:

2. The statement must contain at a minimum the following information:
a. Legal authority to collect PII;
b. Purpose of the information collection;
c. To whom PII might be disclosed, and for what purposes;
d. Authorized uses and disclosures of any collected information;
e. Whether the request to collect PII is voluntary or mandatory under the applicable law;
f. Effects of non-disclosure if an individual chooses not to provide the requested information.
3. The Non-Exchange Entity shall maintain its Privacy Notice Statement content by reviewing and revising as necessary on an annual basis, at a minimum, and before or as soon as possible after any change to its privacy policies and procedures.
4. If the Non-Exchange Entity operates a Web site, it shall ensure that descriptions of its privacy and security practices, and information on how to file complaints with CMS and the Non-Exchange Entity, are publicly available through its Web site.

Well, look. It's not as if ObamaCare is complicated. Or Privacy Notice Statements. And since privacy really doesn't matter anyhow, what does it matter that Spanish speakers are being treated like second-class citizens?

NOTE I love "web broker entity." It's so Orwellian.

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