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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: The only part that works is the part that isn't really ObamaCare: Medicaid expansion

As everybody knows by now, the ObamaCare "marketplace" (the Exchanges) is a festering sore on the body politic: The ObamaCare website was a multimillion disaster and a management #FAIL at launch with a back-end that still isn't done, and the policies sold on the "marketplace" have narrow networks, narrow formularies, all of which lead to balance billing, and high co-pays and deductible. ObamaCare's policies are not high-quality plans dispensed upon a grateful populace by caring, high-minded "progressives"; they're crapified (especially compared to the single payer system on the very same continent with us. So the "progressives" are pivoting to defend ObamaCare by defending the Medicaid expansion that was also part of "the health care law," as they sometimes like to call it. WaPo's Greg Sargent:

DEMS SEIZE ON MEDICAID EXPANSION: The Hill’s Jonathan Easley reports on something that really deserves more attention: Even though the Beltway narrative has it that Obamacare is uniformly bad for Dems, they see the Medicaid expansion as a key issue in this year’s elections. The Louisiana example:

Sen. Mary Landrieu has launched a petition on her website urging Gov. Bobby Jindal to agree to the expansion, which she argues would bring health insurance to more people who cannot afford it. The issue is giving Landrieu a chance to run not only against her GOP opponent Rep. Bill Cassidy, who opposes the extension, but against Jindall as well. She argues the expansion would close “the Jindal Gap.” [...]

Americans for Prosperity, the group backed by the billionaire Koch brothers, is making opposition to the expansion a top priority through a “Stop the Madness” ad campaign.

And so the Medicaid expansion — and the Koch-backed AFP’s support [sic!] for it — will become a major issue in the Senate race when it’s debated there this spring. Meanwhile, the GOP Senate candidate in Michigan came out for the expansion after Dem Gary Peters called her out over it, and in New Hampshire, which is moving the expansion forward, it could become an issue in House races.

Well, great. The only part of ObamaCare that works is the part that expands a simple, proven government-run social insurance program; not the part that includes the rent-sucking tapeworms of the private health insurance companies. What a surprise! And a question or two:

1) Why didn't the fucking Democrats expand Medicaid back in 2009, when they passed the bill? If Medicaid expansion is so fucking great, why wait five years?

2) Can you think of another simple, proven single payer government-run social insurance program that the fucking Democrats might have expanded? No, me neither.

What's unique and distinctive about ObamaCare -- the Marketplace -- is crap. What's already proven to work -- Medicaid expansion -- the Democrats took five years to put in place. Obots embrace the suck, I guess. I can't.

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Given the bonanza that insurance companies expect from the Medicaid expansion:

This week, the chief executive of the nation’s largest health insurance company and a new analysis indicate major growth ahead for health plans that have contracts with state Medicaid programs thanks in large part to President Obama’s signature legislative achievement.
“We expect to realize strong growth by serving in several ways: as established Medicaid programs grow through the ACA expansions; as eligible Medicaid prospects are identified through the federal and state exchange markets; and as the inevitable dual eligible …initiatives begin to form and are implemented,” UnitedHealth Group …chief executive officer Stephen J. Hemsley said on the company’s 2013 fourth-quarter and full-year earnings call earlier this week.

I’ve been wondering about the states that turned it down – was it a battle the insurance companies fought and lost? not a desirable market? back burner while the dust settles? The MI GOP candidate and AFP seem to point to door number 3.

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The only part of ObamaCare that works is the part that expands a simple, proven government-run social insurance program; not the part that includes the rent-sucking tapeworms of the private health insurance companies.

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The scale of neo-liberal infestation still boggles my mind.

It's like picking between the guy in Alien before the Alien bursts out of his belly, and after. I mean, I know which guy I'd like to be, but even so....

UPDATE Adding, flipping it around, the question would be why Krugman would prefer this style of rental extraction instead of another. It can't possibly be that Medicaid is more profitable than private insurance, can it?