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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "The exchanges are a lobster trap"

A "strange bedfellows" post from CCH:

Obamacare Plans are Less than Meets the Eye [or more!]
Last month, Obama told Americans, “What we're also discovering is that health insurance is complicated to buy.” Seriously?? HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, head of the Obamacare operation, is the former insurance commissioner of Kansas. She knew the complications. These complicated decisions are not easy to make on the Obamacare Exchange. You may not know what you're buying or what you're not getting. You can see the premium costs but you need to look carefully at drug coverage, physician and hospital access, and out of pocket costs. This is expensive restricted government health care. The exchanges are a lobster trap. Once in, they have your data. They have you. Don't go near them.

Good recommendations, since buying ObamaCare is -- and I know this will surprise you -- nothing like buying a flat-screen TV; Obama -- in another surprise -- was lying about that, too. The ObamaCare "marketplace" isn't transparent!

I hope I never said "Don't go near them!" because that's up to everyone to decide for themselves*, and it's likely that ObamaCare will help some, simply because of the luck of the draw. That someone could be you! So I would say be very, very careful!

That said, I think CCH's perspective on ObamaCare what I would call a compliance system ("a lobster trap") with different, greater, and far more corrosive goals than delivering health insurance is spot on.

NOTE * This is much like "My vote is my own!" in 2008.