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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Status of the ObamaCare health exchanges by state

Here. Wish I knew something about "rules engines."

The acronym is HIX ("Health Insurance Exchange") and not HEX ("Health EXchange"). That's odd!

What I want to know is, who's got the contract for the Federal heatlh exchange?

And I seem to remember that the income eligibility form for ObamaCare was 25 pages long. Anybody remember that?

That's before you get to the Gold [winner], Silver [also-ran], and Bronze [loser, go die] plans, too.

It sure sounds like that will be a fun on-line experience!

UPDATE Here's a conference this May. I imagine all the vendors are here.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

Not sure this will help you but it's very detailed and the only problem I have is the op-out in this, the language is kind of vague so is it $95.00 per yr or is it $95.00 per month. The main thing is this is welfare for the criminals of the corp. health care world and they really only care about profit and not Main Street.

Submitted by lambert on

$1100 a month. I don't think so. Granted, that's before the complex creaking machinery of the tax breaks kicks in.

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

I just cannot believe the amount of crappy plans they are offering in my state, and the charges. I can see every employer dumping their (other) benefits for their workers in a heartbeat too. We are so screwed.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

I don't know if there is a website or where it is. Maybe DC Blogger can point us to places we could find the lucky Crony Kleptocrat Corporation that got the Obamacare Exchange Contract?

I'll go do some browsing on my own now.

I'm betting that SAIC has at least most of it if not all of it (plus, of course, an army of unidentified subcontractors who would bring together a large group of Pinguid Lackey hyenas).

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Quality Software Services, which got a huge chunk of the job, was quietly bought up by United Health Care.

"The quiet nature of the transaction, which was not disclosed to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has fueled suspicion among industry insiders that UnitedHealth Group may be gaining an advantage for its subsidiary, UnitedHealthcare."

This is a massive stink hole worth digging into and then mapping.

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Submitted by NWLuna on

UnitedHealthcare has won my scumbag medical claims-denial health insurance company of the year award for some time now. They put tremendous effort into avoidance of payment for medically necessary services and meds/equipment for my disabled patients. I hate to think their malevolence now extends to even more connected companies. But what can we expect when profit and healthcare go together? It's the American way.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Hatch made a simple request -- apparently: Mrs. Sebelius, I need a list of the contractors and subs who got the gigs doing the insurance exchanges IT job. Her answer ... I'm looking into it. Hatch smelled a conflict when he heard about UHC's purchase of QSS. Here's the excerpt from The Hill:

He [Hatch] asked Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in an Oct. 19 letter for a full account of contractors hired to set up the national exchange and a list of administration officials who signed off on those awards.

“I am seeking more information about the contracts associated with the entities selected to build the federally facilitated exchange (FFE) and the federal data services hub that will support the FFE,” he wrote.

Excuse me, but since HHS was obviously action central on issuing these contracts, how is it that Katherine Sebelius does not have a list handy in the top drawer of her desk. Huh?

Well, this does confirm (as we needed confirmation) that ACA is a massive stealth operation and that Obama and the lackeys in HHS and elsewhere (in association with the Insurance Companies) are making sure anything important about this Trojan Horse is kept far far away from the public eye.

I don't recall NYT, WSJ, WaPo -- anyone? doing reportage on who got the contracts.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

This is the site where all Federal contracts and grants are supposed to be stored.

I did a search for "Affordable Care Act" to see if I could pick up every contract (not grant) related to ACA.

These are the search results -- 4 pages worth. You'd hardly know the ACA had anything to do with delivering healthcare. A lot of "analysis" and IT. Surprise. I didn't look through all four pages yet and I'll be curious to see if the QSS (UHI) contract is in there.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

There is some "transparency" functionality on this site. I took the search results in list form that are linked in the 9:02pm comment and clicked for "summary report" button. Here is the result, a one page "index card." There's "top 5"s sort of lists and state by state distribution of contract dollars for the ACA procurements -- Virginia leads the pack.

Here is a link to this "summary sheet."

Back to the search results in *list* form (see 9:02pm post), here's an interesting exercise. Hover with the cursor over each contract's "more" link -- a window popsu up with the full (summary) description of services contracted for under each contract. There is a subset of contracts to "help" Native American tribes "understand" the ACA. Why the special outreach focust to this demographic group? Is this part of ACA being the stealth u-boat to take out Medicaid and Medicare?

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Contract amount is for @ $240,000 which does not make sense. But it's very common that contract amounts in contractor/procurement databases are inaccurate or just placeholders. For example, a lot of the other ACA contracts have a dollar value of $0.

Note who got lots and lots of contracts on ACA: Accenture, McKinsey, Research Triangle, Price Waterhouse, Booze Allen -- apparently a lot of "managemnet consulting" and PR issues.

When they say it's about health care it's NEVER about health care (kind of like "the children").