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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Smug Obot Jonathon Cohn lectures 25 million people who ObamaCare won't cover that it's all "a work in progress"

Wowsers. How about I write those kind words down on a piece of paper, take it to the clinic, and try to pay for some health care with it? Jonathon Cohn, TNR:

The whole enterprise is going to be a work in progress. And that'll be ok—because it will still do a lot of good and make life better for most people, particularly with the passage of time.

Comforting words from the political class; there speaks a made man who doesn't personally have to worry about health care, but who's very keen to lecture others on why they should wait for it!

At least the Obots have given up lying that ObamaCare is any way universal; estimates vary for how many it won't cover -- 25 or 30 million, but who's counting? One thing we do know, however, is that those who are both vulnerable and disengaged from the system won't even be marketed to during the rollout.

So, if you're one of those 25 or 30 million, stand back. You can afford to wait. Right? I mean, it's not as if your life was worth as much as any other American citizens, so kwitcherbellyachin.

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particularly with the passage of time.

I love it because us boomers will be died and the ones in their 70s will fell the pain of the 0 cat food clowns. It's going to hurt me because I grow a lot my on food I can make it but millions of others in their 70s and on that can't well the message is clear HUAD.