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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Pundits say that after ObamaCare is in place, we can start to look at the real problems

Ed Kilgore:

[P]recisely because Obamacare builds on the current crazy quilt of public and private insurance offerings, not to mention state regulations and a wide array of providers, and makes certain rebuttable assumptions about the behavior of markets and of millions of people, there is some inevitable suspense about how it will work out, especially in the short term when opponents of health reform are in a position to do significant sabotage work while obstructing legislation to fine-tune the law.

Things will also get better if and when Republicans at the federal and state levels stop trying to destroy or repeal Obamacare,* and begin operating within its basic framework, as some conservative health wonks and political strategists are already recommending. At that point, too, we can begin to look at serious problems with the new system instead of dealing with myths and alarms promoted by people who haven’t been right about much of anything.

So, three years later and all we've got is cherrypicked coverage (youth on parents plan; pre-existing conditions) and a promise that at some point in the future we can look at the "serious problems." Alrighty then.

I mean, how exactly do you "build on" a crazy quilt?

NOTE * As is only sensible, since ObamaCare is RomneyCare and RomneyCare originated at the Heritage Foundation.

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Bad republicans, bad racist anti-Obama "people in a position to sabotage" versus "fine tuning" bla bla blech.

Is this guy for real?!

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An aspect of the current (pre ACA) US system of unhealth care that any person with an ounce of clearheadedness would condemn as odious. This guy mentions it like it's some quaint thingy that's part of our marvellous national tapestry of specialness.

How can Ed Kilgore not be totally ashamed of himself?!

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Again, trotting out the tired old trope of "adults in the room" keeping those stupid children (anyone with an ounce of grey matter and discernment) in their place.

F*** Ed Kilgore and the crony palms he rolled in on.

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... apparently, to sit in his ergo-chair and -- three, or five or ten years out (after millions have already been decimated by Obama's ACA) -- "begin to look at serious problems with the new system."

I don't think Kilgore realizes that health care is not an obscure academic subject like competing theories of transubstantiation in 12th century Spain that can be taken up or put off over the course of 30 lifetimes without anyone really caring or suffering by it.

He speaks like a true I've Got Mine So Stop Whining.