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ObamaCare Clusterfuck PR: The Bar Sank Even Lower: Video targets LGBT

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"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow [jingle bells]" morphs into "Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled [jingle bells]."

And here's the link:

It's really, really hard to make commercial christmas muzak more cloying and annoying than it already is. You might even say it'd be a very heavy lift. Yet, in shocker, Obama's PR Machine succeeds!

Words fail and the gagging could choke you, but if we want to follow what's being beamed at "folks" across the country from Obama's ObamaCare Misinformation Bureau, we hafta check some of this stuff out.

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Submitted by cg.eye on

... and with the tastes of their target audience, messing with an American popular standard requires finesse and care. Messing up on the first couplet is flat-footed.

Also noted that besides the obligatory "nah, we don't hate cute girls" examples, there was nary a female couple to be seen, nor anyone representing a transgendered POV. Like the military, there's a premium for healthy young cis-males....

Submitted by Dromaius on

Obamacare: It's too good for toilet paper!

Sorry. I think I'm officially a padded room candidate. Although I don't think this is really a change in me.

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Submitted by Alexa on

Dromauis that this is NOT a demonstration of liberalism--by any stretch.

If anything--it is just the opposite.

Carter began the introduction of this toxic ideology, with the Trilateral Commission and other policies.

And of course, FP Clinton ushered it in.

And recently PBO has enthusiastically followed this path and expanded upon it.

We are "cooked" if we do not elect an actual liberal (which I know won't happen).

I say that, because according to a DKos diary, FS Clinton is saying that she will announce her run, next year.

I would "guess" that this is an attempt to tamp down any challenge from the left.

(At one time it would have surprised me for any of the Dem candidates to announce before the midterms. But again, due to the Warren boomlet, she may feel compelled to go ahead before it can possible gain any steam.

I truly believe that if any Dem announces before they absolutely know the outcome of the midterms--they are in denial regarding the adverse consequences that they will likely suffer due to the ACA. I just cannot see that the ACA will be a plus, without MAJOR revisions, if not full repeal and replacement. We shall see.)

According to Julie Mason "The Press Pool," some of the highest youth polls numbers are Rand Paul's (naturally).

I believe that the full implementation of the ACA will serve to exacerbate this trend among youth age 26 and older.

OT--Dems are not trying to "pretend" that they had nothing to do with the cuts to military retirements.

This is a "falsehood"--I'll be polite. More on this later. I am following all cuts to civilian and military personnel--they affect us personally!

Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

its either just O M F G!!!!! or a twelve thousand word rant on how thoroughly degraded I feel by this ad...

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

How can there not be a backlash exploding from the LGBT constituents? Even OFA can't be that 11ty dimensional -- if I were an ignorant observer I would assume this was a campaign to smear gay men, not one to lure them into buying Obama's insurance products.

I wonder if they are coming out with sister-videos targeted at LGBT (1) Transexuals and (2) Gay Women?

Lambert: what is the reference to Vidal, Ginsberg, Turing?

Submitted by lambert on

And not a six-pack in the bunch, or a Speedo, or whatever the fuck kind of bathing suits those guys were wearing.

I suppose it's a triumph of a sort that beefcake is now being used to sell insurance... But still...

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Ay, but of course [face palm].

What's baffling is that Beefcake is not representative of the LGBT types who threatened Obama (and Bloomberg, and any other Third-Way'er whose been jumping on the "Yay LGBT" diversionary tactic bandwagon).

How does White House/ObamaCare think they can get away with this without major blowback from the previously appeased constituency?

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Which is a recent excrescence of our cultural zeitgeist involving frat-boys and girls (including masters-of-the-universe-in-the-making) invading urban areas in santa claus costumes, in order to get wasted in large crowds and generally disturb the peace on a pretty high level. It's gotten bad enough that local NY politicians have asked bars to deny these people entry (and drinks).

See here from Gothamist, photo and video:

I'm not uploading the photos because many of them are really gross.