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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama's Grand Con Hits The Creative Classes (NYT)

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Although tempting, this is no time to gloat. Because Obama and his anti-citizen program (the PPACA or Obamacare) is proving to be a source of deep damage to an increasingly wide swathe of the US citizenry. Including, now, the "Liberal" New York City "Creative Class" people, and the doctors and the lawyers who have defended Obama like an army of glazed-eye zealots.

Many in New York’s professional and cultural elite have long supported President Obama’s health care plan. But now, to their surprise, thousands of writers, opera singers, music teachers, photographers, doctors, lawyers and others are learning that their health insurance plans are being canceled and they may have to pay more to get comparable coverage, if they can find it. ...

The predicament is similar to that of millions of Americans who discovered this fall that their existing policies were being canceled because of the Affordable Care Act.

But will the effects of the Obama Kool Aid on these "folks" start to wear off? Or will the Deep Delusion simply sink further into their reptilian brains and lead to a doubling-down with screeching about "Bush's fault" or "it's the best Messiah Obama could do with those bad Republicans obstructing him."

By the way, notice how the featured attorney says that if she'd known that ObamaCare would inflict such financial and health harms on her personally she would have voted for Romney. Neither the article's author nor any of the commenters (hundreds) as of an hour ago mention that ObamaCare IS RomneyCare.

So much for uber-educated and urbane "reality-based" Obama liberals. If this does not alert people to the fact that getting your "news" from the NYT, New Yorker, NPR and Rachel Maddow makes you stupid (in ways that directly affect your finances and health), nothing will.


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I tinkered with it some before front-paging it -- added the money quote, or a money quote, and made the headline conform to the rest of the series (so it is retrieved with them as part of the collection).

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But will the effects of the Obama Kool Aid on these "folks" start to wear off? Or will the Deep Delusion simply sink further into their reptilian brains and lead to a doubling-down with screeching about "Bush's fault" or "it's the best Messiah Obama could do with those bad Republicans obstructing him."

They will/do blame the insurance companies. Their bad evilness is to blame, not Obama's rilly-rilly altruistic policy. But at the same time it totally makes sense to force us to buy from the evil insurance companies, because OBAMA!!!! (also, yes we can and rah-rah team)....and people with pre-existing conditions get affordable "coverage" also too...if you don't look very far into what that means, of course.

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After all, Obama didn't have many people left to throw under the bus, and now he had. For example, there's a list of organizations in that article that single payer advocates should contact.

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I'll be posting a quick "blurb" on Warren this evening to highlight this dilemma for Dems.

I am more convinced than ever that some of the so-called progressive blogs are pushing her as a 'stalking horse.'

The same organization that led her "fake" grassroots Senate nomination, is now all over Twitter and many left-leaning blogs, heralding her as the next "liberal savior."

The amazing this is--it may have legs.

I'm trying to figure out what it takes to convince the (larger) Democratic Party base to vote on issues--not cult of personality.

If that's what this is. I can't tell, LOL!

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Cling! Cling! Of course (face palm).

Because ya hafta find some evilist-baddest bad person That Can't Possibly Be President Selfie!

You're right, though -- it's going to be "those bad insurance companies" -- which has the benefit of being true but causally not the whole picture!

Maybe this is baby steps to "maybe a health care system with insurance is bad Even Though I Heart Obama."

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Facebook is an amazing educational tool for figuring out Obamabot rationalizations.

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I'm convinced that 2014--and possibly 2016--will be nothing short of a "bloodbath" for the Democratic Party.

And this turn of events is not that surprising to me.

Beginning in the mid-1980's with the takeover of the DLC, Democratic policy has favored the professional classes (in many areas).

And I've always believed that the two entities that were [initially] most pushing this bill were governments (local, state and federal levels--in order to reduce "the burden" on their budgets), and many, if not all, small business owners, contract professionals, flat-out wealthy "folks," etc.

Of course, the insurance industry is the "third group." Can't leave them out, LOL!

Except that they miscalculated--they did not realize that the Democratic Party would allow the insurance industry TO WRITE THE BILL! (Which is not to say that I take glee in their predicament. I don't. Attorneys are obviously one of the most loyal Dem Party niches. And they are very capable of getting their voices heard. I hope that they don't let up, any time soon.)

And again, except for a couple of articles that have been posted here, not much is yet made of the disastrous effect of the ACA on employer-sponsored Group Health Plans.

I read that this is approximately "one-half" of the insured market. Likely considerably higher numbers than the cohort in this piece.

Good to see you around again (you've seemed to be a bit 'scarce' for a while).


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Rainbow Girl I would like to feel bad for them but I just can't get the :) off my face at this time.

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to be discerning enough to figure out "who" is responsible for the ACA debacle.

Now, whether or not they'll 'give a pass to Dems' for allowing the insurance industry to write the bill--it's anybody's guess.

And they have the voice and the power to make major demands, and collectively withhold their support in 2014 and 2016--unless their demands are met.

(Same with physicians, but I'm guessing that more of them are Republicans.)

Are we forgetting that this is THE PROFESSION which is most represented in the Congress and Senate--not to mention among Democratic Party Presidents and nominees.

Here's a blurb on this statistic:

Congress, law is the dominantly declared profession of Senators, followed by public service/politics, then business; for Representatives, business is first, followed by public service/politics, then law.